Knights in the Know

October 6, 2017

Math Strategy Night

Do you remember being taught to solve math problems in elementary school? Generally, the teacher explained the steps and you followed them in exactly the same way. The usual method of teaching was rote memo-rization. Why the problem should be solved in a par-ticular way was not ex-plained. Students under-stood that it was just the right and only way to do so.

Math has not changed, but the way it is taught has. Students learn and understand multiple strategies to solve problems and can communicate how they did so. Strategies such as open number lines, drawing a picture, acting the problem out, and using base ten blocks allow students flexibility as they work. The more strategies they have, the better chance they have of solving the problem.

Hands-on learning deepens concrete understanding of math concepts leading to a stronger abstract understanding. Kindergartners count objects when learning to add and subtract. Students learn multiplication through creating arrays. Grid paper can be used to help students beginning to learn about area and perimeter. Fraction bars allow students to compare fractions visually first. Students are given problems that mirror real world situations. This is engaging for students because the problems are of high interest, things they have experienced, and validates for students the importance of understanding math. The advancement of technology has allowed students engaging ways to practice math skills. Apps and computer programs are available for almost any math concept providing additional practice in a novel way.

We invite you to join us Thursday, October 19th at 6:00 in the cafeteria to discuss the strategies your children are using to solve problems. Breakout sessions for each grade level will follow a short introduction. Math activities will be provided for your Blanton children if you choose to bring them with you. Please RSVP to help us in planning. We look forward to seeing you then.

EXPO Referrals

The EXPO program is Denton ISD's Gifted and Talented program. All EXPO referrals are as follows:

Kinder Referrals Accepted until: Nov. 7

Kinder Testing Dates: Dec. 4 - Feb. 2

Kinder Portfolios : Sept. - Jan.

Notification Letters will be sent : After Feb. 5th

1st - 5th : Fall Referrals Accepted until: Oct. 12

1st - 5th Fall Testing Dates: Oct. 16 - Nov. 17

Notification Letters will be sent: AFTER Nov. 29

1st-5th : Spring Referrals Accepted until: Feb. 23

1st - 5th Spring Testing Dates: Feb. 26 - April 26

Notification Letters will be sent: AFTER April 30

If you have an questions about the EXPO program, please contact Mrs. Turner at

Harvey Recovery Book Drive

To help rebuild the school libraries and public libraries that were affected by Hurricane Harvey, we are having a book drive. Many schools throughout the district are participating in the United We Read Book Drive and we would love for our Blanton community to do what we can to help.

Please consider books in your own home that could be donated and bring them to the Blanton library between October 9 and October 27. Since they will be donated to libraries, any that do not meet library standards may be recycled or discarded.

Thank you for helping us restock Texas libraries!

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Book Fair

Blanton’s Wild West Book Fair is October 23-27. Your student will have a preview time and a purchasing time that week. We will be open during school hours, with one early morning before school on Tuesday, October 24. Flyers will go home the week of October 12. If you would like to volunteer, please follow this link:

Thank you for your support!

"Ocawareness" Month

October is National Ocarina Awareness Month. Only around 35 schools in the United States have ocarina programs. Blanton Elementary is included in that list. Ocarina has many proven benefits including but not limited to: similar fingerings to the flute or saxophone (students can transition easily to one of these two instruments), increased breath control and hearing protection, high-level music learning, and many more. Being a woodwind instrument, the ocarina provides a unique experience for many young ocarinists at Blanton Elementary.

During National Ocarina Awareness month (Ocawareness Month), Mr. Miranda & Order of the Ocarina students will share the amazing history of the instrument on the announcements. Ocawareness Month will culminate in the 3rd and 5th grade event known as October Ocarina Ocxtravaganza. This will happen Tuesday, October 24th at 6:30pm. Mr. Miranda would also like to invite Blanton families to attend, as there will be facts about the ocarina, performances and ocarina raffles.

Student Spotlight ~ Honor Choir

Students in 5th grade get to participate in Honor Choir Auditions. Honor choir is a program where students from Blanton Elementary compete with students from all over Denton ISD for placement in the Denton 5th grade honor choir. The following seven students made Honor Choir and are going to perform in February 2018 at Strickland Middle School.

  1. Amaya Langford
  2. Edie Knight
  3. Makenzi Boccoleri
  4. Marcella McCutcheon
  5. Olivia McDonald
  6. Sarah DeAzevedo
  7. Tanner Rennels

Congratulations to these seven students and all who tried out for Honor Choir. We are all VERY proud of you for your hard work!

Blanton 4th Grade Team

We want to introduce our Blanton 4th grade teachers to you. These teachers are dedicated to helping all students make at least a year's worth of growth.

Mrs. Branch ~ "I love sharing my passion of reading and writing with students. The ultimate reward is seeing a child that avoids reading become a lifelong reader!"

Mrs. Galvin ~ "I love the creativity of 4th graders. Math stretches their minds and they develop into great problem solvers!"

Mrs. Hawkins ~ "I love teaching 4th Grade because I love the ah-ha moments, empowering students to take ownership of their learning, and encouraging them to become life-long learners. I love when students discover their talents and feel good about themselves."

Mr. McKethan ~ "I love seeing students grow throughout the year and learn how to use new strategies. It is such a great age!"

Mrs. McNair ~ "I love watching my students grow into great readers."

Walk/Ride Your Bike to School Day

WOW!! Our "Walk/Ride Your Bike to School Day" was a great success! We had 323 students who participated, along with many of our parents! It was great to see so many families laughing and enjoying the journey to school.

Blanton teachers had a little contest to determine which class in each grade level had the highest percentage of participants. The winning classes will receive some extra recess hosted by Mrs. Bozeman, Mr. Turrubiarte, and Mrs. Dorrell. We hope to take part in those awards next week, depending on the weather.

Kindergarten ~ McDonald

1st Grade ~ Dodson

2nd Grade ~ Johnston

3rd Grade ~ Hooton

4th Grade ~ McKethan

5th Grade ~ Mauldin

Parents, please help your children remember to be extra careful as they are walking to school during this time when it is a bit dark in the morning. They may need some reflective clothing and/or lights on their bikes.

Mother/Son Night

We hope to see all our moms with their sons at our Mother/Son Night on October 20th. Tickets are currently on sale and may be purchased at We hope to see all of you there. We still need volunteers, so if you are a dad or a mom of girls, please sign up. Be sure you have your background check completed!
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U-NITE is Coming Soon

The 4th annual U_NITE will be held on November 3rd. This event is sponsored by the PTAs of Adkins, Blanton and EP Rayzor. It is an evening full of games, food, and having a great time with the community. All tickets that are sold prior to the event come directly to our Blanton PTA. Tickets sold on the night of the event are split between the three schools. Please visit the Blanton PTA website for more details. We hope to see you there!
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Upcoming Events

Oct. 9 ~ PTA Board Meeting

Oct. 9 ~ Austin Field Trip Parent training in library at 5:00

Oct. 10 ~ 4th Grade field trip to Clear Creek

Oct. 10 ~ Dyslexia Bash at Ryan High School

Oct. 11 ~ Fall Picture Day

Oct. 12 ~ Dismiss at noon; bring a sack lunch

Oct. 13 ~ No school for students

Oct. 16 ~ No school for students ~ PLC Day for Staff

Oct. 19 ~ College Shirt Day

Oct. 19 ~ PTA Meeting/Math Strategy Night 6:00 (please RSVP)

Oct. 20 ~ Mother/Son Night

Oct. 23-27 ~ Fall Book Fair in lilbrary

Oct. 23-27 ~ Good Character Week

Oct. 24 ~ Ocarina Oxtravaganza

Oct. 26 ~ 4th Grade field trip to Austin