Fernan STEM Academy Weekly Update

Week of 10/31-11/4

No goals are too high where falcons fly. We’re brilliant, kind and strong!

Upcoming Events

10/29-TRUNK OR TREAT, 10-12. You can still enter your vehicle!

11/6-Daylight Savings Time Ends (fall back)

11/10-3rd Grade Veterans Day Program, 6 pm (5:45 for participants)

11/11-Veterans Day: No School

11/13-World Kindness Day

11/15-STEM Certification visit

11/17-Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4:00-7:30

11/18-Parent/Teacher Conferences, 8:30-3:00

11/21-11/25 -Thanksgiving Break-No School

11/24-Thanksgiving Day

Arrival, Dismissal and Lunch Schedule

Link to Cd'A School District Family Calendar

Link to Cd'A Lunch Menu

Thank you for joining us for Spooky STEM Night!

Looking for pictures of Veterans or service members for our slideshow

We are looking of pictures of Veterans in your family or service members to share in our slideshow and celebrate your commitment to our country.

Please email your child's teacher with the photo with who is pictured, what branch, and years served.

We are looking for donations for Fernan's 'Maker Space'.

If you notice any of these items around your home, we are looking for the following:

Popsicle Sticks

Regular straws

Tape of all kinds

TP Rolls (w/o the tp)

Foam balls

Smaller wood pieces

Construction paper (any color)

Hot glue sticks

Thank you! Please send items with your child.

Big picture

More on Fernan seeking STEM certification!

We are so excited to announce that our STEM Certification visit is coming up. We are preparing for our visit on 11/15/22. Our staff has been gathering evidence to meet the standards for STEM certification, and our evidence is a true testament to students' understanding of the engineering design process. We can't wait to share and celebrate Fernan's STEM journey with our visitors.

Fall Leaf Pudding Playdough Recipe

Need a quick and easy playdough recipe, no cooking required, and ready in minutes? What if I told you it smells incredible? Oh and it uses items you probably already have in your pantry. Intrigued? You should be, this playdough recipe is the perfect rescue for rainy days, sensory play and when you need a quick solution to entertain the kids. Oh and did I mention it is taste safe? See, this playdough recipe is perfect for a parent on the run!


¼ cup vanilla* flavored instant pudding mix (note: If you use a 3.4 oz. box, you will enough left over for second batch)

1 cup corn starch

⅓ cup warm water

*NOTE: Feel free to replace with any flavour of pudding! You will get different smells and different colors.


Mixing bowl

Mixing spoon

Plastic mat

Themed Toys and Items – We did a nature theme with trees and colourful leaves, but you can do any theme you wish! Dinosaurs, cars, unicorns, vikings, cats… whatever your kids enjoy or pick a theme that ties into a unit study.


Start by measuring and adding the pudding mix to the mixing bowl.

TEACHING TIP! This making this pudding playdough is a great time to talk about fractions.

Now add half of the corn starch to the bowl. Have your kids work out that half equals 1/2 cup in this recipe.

Pour in the water.

Is your child riding the bus to another location?

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Fernan STEM Academy


Vision Statement: Our Fernan Falcons empower one another to be problem solvers who ask, imagine, plan, create, and grow.

Mission Statement: We build the future by inspiring, engaging, and empowering students to become critical thinking problem solvers who work collaboratively to improve the world around them.