Lord Grizzly

By Frederick Manfred

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Hugh Glass was a mountain man whose most notable events took place from 1822 to 1833. While on a trapping trip with several other men, he was mauled by a mother grizzly. Luckily, Hugh killed the bear but it left him unconscious. When he finally woke up after several days, he is all alone with no rifle or knife and unable to walk. After waiting two days, he decided that he has been abandoned by his companions Fitz and Jim and begins his crawl. He crawls for many nights to reach the safety of Ft. Kiowa. On his journey, Hugh encounters many dangerous Indians and narrowly escapes them. On his journey, the only thing keeping him alive is the thought of getting revenge on the two men that abandoned him.


1. What did you enjoy about the book? I enjoyed Hugh's persistence and will to never give up. I also liked how he was able to survive countless encounters with Native Americans and predators.

2. What was the genre of the book? Historical fiction.

3. Was the ending satisfactory? Yes, Hugh was able to survive the bear attack and crawl back to his home.

4. Why would you recommend this book? It is a very good way for people to see how people lived in this time. It shows how difficult life was and what Hugh had to do to overcome these challenges. The book starts out slow but once it gets going, it is very entertaining.

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