Ms. Mac's Memos


Panther PD...

We will begin having teacher lead Panther PD sessions in September. If you are interested in offering a session for the month of September, please email me and let me know the topic. We will offer a variety of sessions throughout the year on a variety of topics.

PAWS PD for 1st-4th year teachers...

If this is your 1st-4th year of teaching, we will have "New" Teacher meetings twice a month, before school on Fridays. Please stop by my office to pick up your book. Our first meeting will be Friday, August 10th at 7:30am in Diona's office.


The admin team will begin coming into classes next week to do quick "Glows" or positive things we observe in your classes.

Master Calendar...

Please be sure you are checking the master calendar on a regular basis to view upcoming events.


I know many of you do not have a t-shirt in your house color. Our business partner Zaxby's has offered to purchase t-shirts for staff and students to support our PBIS initiative. I will keep you updated with the status.

Also we will have 3-4 PBIS pep-rallies throughout the year. Please wear your house shirts (when you receive them) to the Pep-rallies. Thank you all for the hilarious skits you created!

Lastly, with the Dojo Points and houses, each teacher/staff member is set up as a student. If you ever want to award points to a homeroom, you will click on that teacher's name and give points. If you want to award points to the entire house, simply click on the house, then click on the word "class" and award points.

Mac's Monthly Missions

Don't forget to join in on the Mac's Monthly mission (if you choose to participate) for two jeans passes.

Mission for the month of August: Join Twitter and send three tweets on three different days. You have to tweet using- #macsmonthlymission #parkstreetallin

Notes from Media Center

Mrs. Renshaw is preparing a Media Center calendar through Outlook where teachers will be able to sign up for library time online. The hope is to have it available next week so classes may begin to sign up for Orientation, lessons and the first book check by this Thursday, August 9th. Media center passes will be placed in your mailbox after all orientations are complete. Each homeroom will receive two passes to send students to the media center when your schedule allows.

Laminator – The laminator is now located in the media center. Please feel free to drop off any items and I will do my best to have a one day turn around.

I am excited to be joining the Super Specials rotation this year! It will be so great to have this weekly opportunity for lessons with all classes and grades each month in addition to your regular scheduled library visits.

A few of you have requested specific book titles in the first two days of school. Please remember if by chance we do not have a book you may need, I am happy to check with the other MCS and I can typically get them in less than two days if available. Please let me know anything I can do for you to make the new year a success J Thank you