American Humane Society

Savitha S, Khushi K and Rachel L

American Humane Society

Hi, My name is Savitha Srinivasan and my partners for this project are Khushi Khandewal and Rachel Lee. I am the Reporter and the photographer for this group. Which means I must take photos of all of us working as a group and create daily blogs! Khushi who is the Webmaster and Group manager Makes the website to put information and our daily blogs and pictures on. She also is in charge of making sure everyone stays on task and have the plan move smoothly. Last but not least, Rachel, who in charge of the Social Media. She keeps us updated on twitter and updates any new information we have!

Our purpose for this organization is to bring awards to those who don't know what the American Human society is. It is a shelter for lost animals that cannot find a home. We are trying to help them by bringing awareness to our local society in order for more local volunteers or buyers to help and buy the lost animals.

AHS, you can find us here!

We have our Twitter feed, email address and etc!


created our donation box, sent out awareness to friends and family asking to donate.

If you want to help in donations please donate canned dog or cat foods and animal toys either new or old to rachel.


Created poster for awareness, in school. Hung poster on the wall of the hallway to stand out and attract viewers and donors to help in our donations.Donations: None so far.
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Wednesday: Our first Donation!!!

Lauren had donated a cat toy for us.
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Asked for donations

Number of donations:zero


We called the human society to check up on what days they were free in order for us to donate the toy. We got mor information on who will go and when we will donate the toy.


Last day for donations!!

Spread the last word for donations

Number of donations : zero

We had a total count of one donation

Three day weekend

We went to the American human society and donated the animal toy. We had loads of fun at the shelter. Other than certain animals we saw birds and kittens!! We had also played with them and enjoyed!!
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My friend Anu had adopted this dog, she was about to be put down the next day and she became adopted and nurtured by her family!!