Monday Minutes

April 10, 2017

Thank Yous and Celebrations

  • Thank you Christi for our GT Update!

  • Congrats, Laura Beth, for an awesome choir performance!

  • Thank you to those who attended the choir concert to show support to our kiddos!

  • Thank you to Andi, Wendy, Shannon, Paula, Krysta, Rebecca, and Becky for attending the Momentous Tour!

  • Thank you, teachers, for being prepared for last week's Kid Talk Meetings.

  • Thank you, Karen, for keeping us updated on new technology ideas!

  • Erica, thank you for preparing for LPAC meetings!

Help Needed @ the PISD Job Fair!

We are looking for volunteers to help greet applicants and accept resumes at PISD's Job Fair on Saturday, April 22 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm at Plano West Senior High. If you are interested in working a shift, please email Bryan and Dara. Thank you in advance!



  • April 12 - Bluebonnet Breakfast at 7:15 am; Staff Meeting at 3:00
  • April 13 - CMIT Meetings
  • April 14 - Staff and Student Holiday
  • April 17 - Student Holiday; Flexible Teacher Hours provided by Bryan will be used so that all staff has the day off
  • April 19 - TL Meeting
  • April 22 - PISD Job Fair 9:00-noon
  • April 26 - IWK Meetings, Bethany Bear Beginnings at 5:30 pm
  • April 27 -1st Grade Music Program at 6:30 pm
  • April 28 - Tier 2 Documentation due to Erin; Color Run at 5:15 pm


  • STAAR-Alt testing continues.

  • Specialists, be prepared to provide the Ice Breaker at this week's Staff Meeting.

  • Wish List items and Grade level purchases due by April 21!

Looking for Professional Development to Satisfy your 7.5 Personal Flex Hours? Here are some ideas:

  • Participate in the apple teacher program, to complete badges which will help you become more proficient with your iPads and some of the Apple Apps in one or more of the following: iPad, Pages for iPad, Productivity with iPad, and Creativity with iPad. Website is 1 Badge = 1 hour PD credit

  • Earn digital badges that relate to your T-TESS goal from the district's badges website Please negotiate credit hours with Bryan, but typically 1 badge = 15 - 30 minutes.

  • Join a PISD Goal Group that directly ties to your T-TESS goal: Amount of PD credit is determined based on how much you participate. Most goal group participants will receive 1.5 hours of PD credit.

Bethany Strategy of the Week: Flipgrid

Bethany's Quote of the Week

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