Grade 1A Newsletter 19-23 Jan 15

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

International Primary Curriculum- Exit Point Party to 'Let's Celebrate' and Entry Point to "Our World Our Environment"

Last week saw the culmination of all our hard work to plan our party, as we all went down to the Pavilion to welcome in 2015 with style and FUN!! This was part of our Technology target ‘to be able to comment on plans and products and suggest areas of improvement’ as well as our Exit Point.

We began with thanking all the children for their wonderful party creations including delicious cupcakes, a special drink, fairy bread and fruit kebabs from AMc and the beautiful face masks , bunting and posters from CNe Finally, the entertainment came in the form of exciting games and music from CDo!

After all the excitement had died down, we got down to the evaluations and the children were able to say if their ideas and plans were good or whether next time they might change one or two things. They also offered sensible and helpful suggestions to improve their friend’s products too.

Yesterday, we began our new unit Our World with a treasure hunt Entry Point around the school. The whole grade was mixed up and formed into 6 teams. Their job was to look at photos of places around the school and then run to them and find a letter. As more letters were found the children then raced back to the Pavilion to unjumble the letters found. They discovered that they made ‘Our World!

Some classes have begun to look around our campus and look for things that they feel are attractive and not attractive and give opinions why. The children have begun to photograph these and this learning will continue onto next week too.

Language Arts

In Language Arts this week we have been planning our own story. We have been dissecting the plots in the Julia Donaldson books and attempting to create a plan for our own story. We have used a story mountain to assist planning a clear beginning, middle and end so that next week we can independently write our fabulous pieces. Whilst writing, we will be setting the target of using punctuation effectively. You can help your child in this area during reading times by noticing the full stops and capital letters and having a discussion on why they were used. See if your child can remember Kung-Fu punctuation.


This week saw the launching of Speed Math in Grade 1. Can you answer 10 number bond questions in 1 minute? How fast can you name number bonds to 10? How many can you do in 1 minute? Grade 1s also continued their learning of numbers to 40 with 'addition without regrouping'. This is where we add a 2 digit number with a 1 digit number using a few strategies - counting on, counting in 10s, using number bonds and using columns. We found out that the counting on strategy works with smaller numbers as we can count on quickly e.g. 24 + 3= 27. But, when we have to add two digit numbers, it is better to use the 'count in 10s' strategy. e.g. 23 + 10 = (20 + 10) + 3 = 23. We reviewed number bonds with partitioning the two digit number 23 into 20 and 3. We also learnt the age old columns strategy. This visual method helps with bigger numbers - add the ones first, then add the tens. Following this simple rule of adding the ones first then add the tens will apply when adding with regrouping next week.

Math Parent Workshop Grade 1A parents only

Monday, Jan. 26th, 8-8:30am


Grade 1 children have been diligently learning to add and subtract numbers within 40 through the knowledge and use of number bonds. We would like to invite you to a “Addition & Subtraction” workshop, led by Mrs. Lina Chua (Maths HOD).

Number bonds serve as an important foundation for understanding how numbers work and it allow children see the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

Learning outcomes of the workshop include:

· To carry out addition & subtraction with and without renaming for numbers within 100.

· To learn the method how your child is taught in class.

It is beneficial for children if we use a common language and method to teach them and reinforce concepts learnt. So, do join us in this informative learning session. Please register your place for the ‘Grade 1 Parent Math Workshop’ at

By 22nd January, 12 noon.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

Lina Chua