From Great Britain to America

Changing the Ways Forever

Slater Paves the Way for Modern Technology

Great Britain was far more advanced than the United States in their textile industry, they had mills! Because they were so far ahead than anyone else, they forbid anyone that was involved to leave the country. Good thing this didn't stop Samuel Slater.

Slater, a skilled British mechanic, left Great Britain disguised as a farmer, due to the fact that American textile companies lured him and others to the US with bounties and rewards, hoping that they would bring their knowledge with them. Samuel came to America and contacted Moses Brown. He tested Slater's knowledge and soon after Smith Brown, Brown's son and son-in-law, William Almy formed a partnership in 1793 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

In 1798 Slater formed his own company to build a mill. He also had a village named after him; Slatersville. When he died in 1835 he owned all or most of 13 textile mills. Many people copied his concept of having many mills, they also copied the way he got people to work for him. He used 30 employees and many of them were children. Poor and large families had no housing and he gave it too them for free if they worked for him, they also had to buy everything they needed from his stores so they got paid in store credits.

The way working changed was due largely to Samuel Slater and the people that followed him, and still it has changed today.

The North and South Times

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