Sargent TX Facts

Sargent is located in TX

Going there It is good for fishing +swimming.

These are some things we will most likely we will don there is a lot of water and fish to catch and swim .

There is a lot of fish then you now .

It has alligators all over.

the dolphins ride in the side of the bridge .


It takes 2hrs 6min to get there.

The amount it takes to get there 12.0 mi

I will take all my family

I will get there in my big truck weeks

I will stay there for 2

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I will live in a nice house with a bathroom , queen size beds , nice kitchen , it on stilts with 13 stairs up .

Under the house there is a bar that we eat at with a shed beside it.


Well you will pack all of your things that you need.


The trip will cost 200 dollars .

The lodging will cost at lest 2,450 for 2 weeks .

The things that we want there for all the family it will cost most likely 300 dollars .

Then you have the food the travel and gas that will all cost 700 dollars.

that will all cost 3,750 dollars.


We would swim,fishing , and spend time with my family where I live and while I am there.