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October 2017

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Fall has arrived, and so has the ...

Disillusionment Phase!

With fall now here, Candidates may soon be Hitting a Wall (or maybe they already have). Anticipating this phase and your Candidate's needs will allow you to better support them.

New Teacher Concerns: parent conferences, formal evaluation by principal, classroom management, and self doubt.

Suggested Support: Continue to share materials and tips for managing paperwork and conserving energy, acknowledge feelings of inadequacy, check in often, assure Candidate that every teacher experiences periods of disillusionment, let them know you don't have all the answers.

Facilitate Vision: Ask your Candidate to identify some examples of growth thus far and share specific, concrete things you have observed. Continue to connect them with other staff members, building a sense of community.

For more details on the this phase, as well as the other five phases click here.

“…Keep reassuring the new teachers that feeling the way they do is absolutely normal and that it will get better! They need to hear that over and over!” - I’m in The Slump and I’m Normal, Paula Rutherford

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TCOE ERS Library offers a great service to teachers called CheckThisOut! Multimedia Subscription Service. Teachers who participate in CheckThisOut! receive monthly kits. Teachers can register for a random kit based on the grade level and reading level of their class or customize their kit by entering suggestions related to their lesson plans. Available resources include: book kits, DVDs, art prints, storytelling kits, puppets, realia kits, links to their premium online content, and of course, books, books and more books. Kits are delivered to and picked up from school sites--no need to travel to the ERS Library. Share this valuable resource with your Candiate!
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Next Mindful Mentoring Workshop- Adult Learning

Tuesday, Oct. 10th, 1:30pm

6200 South Mooney Boulevard

Visalia, CA

What should you know about mentoring an adult? What are the needs of the adult learner? This workshop will explore Elena Aguilar's 7 Principles of Adult Learning. These principles are foundational for working with adult learners.

Remember to select two Mindful Mentoring Workshops to attend this school year. A list of all offerings can be found on the TIPs registration page.

More Professional Development Opportunities for Your Candidate Coming Up!

Thursday, Oct. 12th, 4pm

6200 South Mooney Boulevard

Visalia, CA

Differentiated Instruction for EL Learners - Come learn easy ways to differentiate your instruction in order to increase the motivation, engagement and success of your RtI students. We will examine several activities and apply them to your grade level. Discussion will include the difference between modification and accommodation. Bring your class list(s) and a teacher's manual as time will be provided for planning and implementing differentiation strategies in your upcoming unit of study. Other PD opportunities coming up soon include: Teaching with Poverty in Mind - 10/23/2017 and Success Oriented Behavioral Management on the following dates: 10/25/2017, 11/9/2017, and 11/20/2017.

A list of all offerings can be found on the TIPs registration page.

First Available Inquiry Meeting

Monday, Nov. 6th, 4:30pm

6200 South Mooney Boulevard

Visalia, CA

During the Inquiry Meeting, Candidates will:

  • Understand each of the ILP documents and how they support the inquiry process;
  • Learn about the documents involved in conducting an inquiry into teaching: and
  • Complete cells 1-3 of the ILP Research document, including the development of a focus question.

This meeting is mandatory for Candidates and optional for Mentors.

Other dates offered include 11/7, 11/20, and 12/11. Click here to register.

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