Messi and Naymar come to fultondale

most of the people at Fultondalewant messi and neymar and people want them two soccer players to come to Fultendale Elementre school because alot of people like naymar and messi and people want to buy messi and naymar soccer shoes
the picture at the bottem are messi and naymar whit their who team and where thet are going to get their tropey

messi and naymar

Messi and Naymar are the best soccer player in the adult soccer leage and almost 1,000 people go see their soccer games because people like messi and naymars soccer team because the got almost all the good people like suarez ,xavi,and Dani alves all of those soccer players are all of the good soccer players and most of the players in messi and naymars team make most of the goal and by the wayay the name their soccer team is barcelona and barcelona is one of the best soccer team in the soccer leage and they have won a lot of games that is why they have won a lot of tropys and they have won alot of soccer leags
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