Come to GEORGIA!

The Best Colony in the Country!

Why Georgia?

Georgia is the newest of our 13 colonies, being established 50 after the previous colony of Pennsylvania, and 125 after the original colony of Virginia. With lots of open land and business to take advantage of, Georgia is the perfect place to start a new life! Come on over and help Georgia grow and flourish into the greatest colony the New World has ever seen!

Georgia's History

Georgia is owned by King George II of England, as the colony was named after him. He was the one who granted the 21 year charter to the colony, and he controlled Georgia once it became a royal colony.
Georgia was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe, for three reasons. The first reason was from King George II, for he wanted Georgia to be a "buffer" colony, to protect South Carolina from the Spaniards in Florida. The second reason was from Oglethorpe, for he wanted a safe haven for debtors and other people to start a new life, debt free. The third reason was for all people to come and be free, religiously, from persecution in Europe and other places.

Georgia's Location

Georgia is located South of South Carolina, and North of Spanish controlled Florida. It stretches from the Savannah River to the Altamaha River. Georgia is a part of the Southern Colonies, and they have the warmest climate of the 3 regions. The winters are not difficult, but the summers are hot and humid, which spreads disease. However, this warm climate enables crops to grow year round, which makes Georgia ideal for plantations. Georgia also has lots of forests, which help the timber business, as well as hilly coastal plains.The colony exports many items, including tobacco, cotton, grain, fruit, livestock, rice, indigo, timber, and fur.
Georgia's climate makes it perfect for plantations, and these plantations are almost self-sufficient for the amount of food and goods they produce. They trade for things they cant make, like shoes, lace, farm tools, thread, and dishes.

Georgia's Government

Georgia's charter was granted for 21 years to a board of 21 trustees, who ruled the government. These trustees were the only people to participate in government and create the laws, until the 21 years was up, at which point Georgia became a royal colony and was controlled by the King.
Georgia has no official religion, therefore everyone is free to practice their own beliefs. Roman Catholics are the only ones prohibited from practicing their religion.

Who is Important in Georgia?

James Oglethorpe is the man who established Georgia in the town of Savannah, along with local Chief Tomochichi. King George II granted the charter of Georgia to Oglethorpe, so that he could establish this great colony. Robert Castell inspired Oglethorpe to create a colony so that the people in debtors prison could be free of their horrible conditions. Mary Musgrove helped translate between Tomochichi and Oglethorpe to create the town of Savannah. John Reynolds was the first Royal Governor of Georgia and served from 1754 to 1757. Henry Ellis was the second Royal Governor of Georgia, and he taught Georgians how to govern themselves, earning himself the nickname, "Georgia's second Founder", along the way.

What Makes Georgia Unique?

Georgia was the only colony to receive money from Parliament to get started. Georgia was also the first colony that wasn't a royal colony when it was first created. The British government gave the 21 trustees 21 years to rule the colony themselves before it was to become a royal colony governed by the King. When it was starting up, both slaves and alcohol were banned, as the trustees thought it would help the colony grow faster. Both were reinstated when Georgia became a royal colony, although strict laws were set up in 1749 for the humane treatment of slaves.