Early President Problems


Global Problems

France and Britain were constantly at war, how might this affect the U.S. you might ask? Well France and the U.S. had a promise that the U.S. would aid them in the time of war for helping them previously. The U.S. was not in fighting condition and did not wish to engage in another war, this angered France that we went back on our word. To solve this problem the U.S. declared neutrality and would not aid either side.

Some of our top presidents

Britain Attacks U.S. Ships

A British warship attacked the U.S. ship for allegedly housing British deserters. The British killed 3 seamen and wounded another 18. After Jefferson heard about this, he called an emergency cabinet meeting. To solve this, Jefferson released his proclamation that no British ships were allowed to port at any American docks unless it is an emergency or on a diplomatic mission.