Computer Storage

in every way, shape and form.


The most common form of a Computer Storage component is a hard-dive. There is one in every modern PC and Desktop, it is often the main form of storage for any computer.

Some other ways of storage.

The first ever Hard-dive.

The fist ever hard-dive stored MB of data and weighed over a Ton; a modern day "i phone" is 6,554 more times powerful then that and about 8,100 times lighter.

The biggest "drive" ever made.

The most powerful drive ever made is likely that of the super computer built at IBM’s Almaden, California, research lab it consists of 200,000 conventional Hard-drives working together in perfect synchronicity to create a colossal total of 120 petabytes! To put that in to perspective it wold take about 29010.8 years to fill it at 1Mbps!