The country Niger

This country is an interesting place to see.




The country I chose to research is Niger. Niger has about 4million people. The northern 4/5 of the country is desert and the southern 1/5 is Savanna on the continent of Asia. Niger’s neighboring countries included Algeria, Benin, Nigeria. French Hausa and Djerma for different languages. Their population is 16,300,000 people. Niamey is the capital for Niger.

The president in Niger is Mahamadou Issoufou. Niger goverment is in a transition Presidential legislative democracy is – an elected president leads the government sharing power with legislature and with the courts. Democracy is- a government with leaders who are chosen through a system of popular elections. Yes they do vote.

In early times the Songhai and Kanem –Bornu empires controlled southern Niger. The nomadic Tuaregs were the first inhabitants in the Sahara region in the north. Niger was incorporated into the French West Africa in 1896. It was made a French colony in 1922. There were frequent rebellions but when order was restored in 1922. In 1958 The voters approved French constitution.

They celebrate many holidays in Niger. Like eid al fitr and independence day. Independence Day is the national holiday of the United States of America commemorating. New Years is a day to celebrate a new year. Easter Monday, also known as Bright Monday, Renewal Monday, Wet Monday, and Dingus Day, is the Monday immediately after Easter Sunday

I have learned a lot about Niger. It has so many interesting thing to eat like rice , see, and there are different holidays like Easter Monday and Indepence day.