The Naturalization process

How to apply

An applicant must first be qualified to apply for citizenship. Then you must complete an application, attend an interview, and pass an English and civics test on the completion of those steps you must take an oath of loyalty and become a citizen These lag requirements help immigration service ensure that people who want to become native americans become them

More of the process

The process

To be able to apply for naturalization you must be at least eighteen years old, a lawful permanent resident of the United States, Resident and physically present in the United Stares for at least five years at the time of application, and of good moral character. The USCIS also provides a naturalization Eligibility Worksheet that helps determine if you are able to apply. You must complete your application Complete form N-400, Get two photographs of yourself get necessary documents Send your application documents and fee ($320 application fee/$70 and biometric fee for fingerprints. Go get your fingerprints taken at the fingerprint location. Bring identification and take the oath of allegiance