Tech Tuesday

Blogger - Part II

Create Your First Post!

In this session, the first thing we will do is create our first post. You might want to make this a welcome to the blog and explain its purpose or do a guided tour. Let the students know what they are looking at. The link below will take you to my welcome post but yours can be whatever you choose. Try to bring your ideas or a brief draft to our share so you are ready to go.

You can also add images, links, and videos to your posts so don't be afraid to get creative!

10 Blog Post Ideas For The Classroom

  1. Picture Prompts: Find some unique photos and have kids write a mini story
  2. Debate: Put up a hot topic and get student opinions
  3. Top Ten Lists: Choose a topic and have students make a list
  4. Video/article: Have students watch/read and respond
  5. Question: Ask a thinking question about your read aloud
  6. Try something new: Share a link to a new app, site, etc. and let them try it out!
  7. Math puzzles/plexors: Post and share solutions
  8. Current Events: Have students locate a current event and post a link or post one yourself and ask a question.
  9. Book Recommendations: Students recommend books to their classmates
  10. Google Forms: Create a form (quiz, survey, etc) and embed it right into your blog!

Add a Gadget to Create a Poll

One of the best gadgets for students is the "poll" gadget. You can create a question such as, "What is your favorite place to read?" and the answer choices and put the poll in your sidebar. As the students answer the poll, you see real time results in the form of a bar graph.