Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 20

Math, Science, Social Studies

January 19-22

This week is a short, but busy week. Please send winter jackets / hats / gloves this week for recess.

We will have visitors on campus Wednesday, so please do your best to arrive on time and to be dressed in Chapel attire.

(100th Day of School Fashion Show is approaching. Look for a note to come home this week from Ms. Crowson regarding the date and details. Students will wear 100 of something of their choosing) Check Pinterest for ideas

Test Schedule

Friday January 22:

Chapter 12 Math


Dr. Martin Luther King True / False assessment

Homework Packet

Due on or before Friday, January 22nd

Packet includes:

  • 12.3 - 12.6
  • If I Met MLK graphic organizer


This week we will end our Chapter 12 lessons on Number Patterns on Wednesday and will start Chapter 13 lessons on Thursday.

This week lessons:

Even and Odd Numbers

Number Patterns

Order Events

Estimate a Minute

Daily Excel Lessons


We will be working on IOWA test prep this week during our science block.

Social Studies Focus This Week:

We will work in our Maps,Globes,and Graphs book as well as continue to learn more about Martin Luther King, Jr.

We will be making a biography book on MLK for a project grade.

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