Third Grade News

For the Week of December 28th, Vol. 32.2

Harvest Ridge Elementary, Mrs. Scheffer

Office phone: (636) 851-5100,

Classroom phone: (636) 851-5345

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time away from school. My family had a nice Christmas. Santa brought me some clothes, a new TV for my bedroom, and a new Kuerig Coffee maker. Yippee! We also enjoyed church services on Christmas day where my son is a member of the church orchestra. The music was just beautiful. I always feel so blessed when my son can share his talents with others in this way. My family also made a trip to Our Lady of the Snows in Behlville, Il to see their lights display. So much fun, especially when you have little people along!

I'm also thrilled to spend some time with my twin nieces who are home from college until mid-January. Lynn is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and Rachel is a freshman at Tulane University in New Orleans. Their brother Ben is a junior in high school and plays varsity basketball. So I will be getting to watch a few games during our time off as well. (I'm just a little proud of them!)

Below I have a few updates and news for our 2nd half of third grade. I'm especially excited about the computer news I have to share. So be sure to read on!

Mrs. Scheffer


Francis Howell schools are attempting to save on paper costs by sending most newsletters and letters to parents by email. That means you will no longer be receiving paper copies of several items. Please watch your email for the following: district newsletters if you have signed up, the Harvest Ridge weekly newsletter sent home on Thursdays, the monthly lunch menus, and our classroom newsletters. Some personal letters will also only be sent by email, including attendance notices when a child has 5 or more absences. Any notes that require a form to be filled out will still come home as a paper copy.

This would be a good time to sign-up for our class reminders through With less paper notes, this may help keep you aware of things coming up in class. (For example, "Tomorrow is Library Day.") I will do my best to keep you in the loop with these short, quick reminders. You can sign up to receive either a text message or an email.

To receive messages via text, text 64e22 to 81010 or try 484-577-2373.

To receive messages via email, send an email to (You may leave the subject blank.)

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Reading over Christmas Break

One of the most important parts of my job as your child's teacher is to make sure your child is reading well and reading often. Your help at home makes such a difference!

Our weekly reading log is one way to keep track of their reading and has a goal of 11 minutes or more per day / 55 or more minutes in a week. But that is just a minimum. Remember... The more they read, the better they read!

We have lots of resources to help you. Your child should be bringing home two library books each week to read. These can be read independently or can be a book a parent or older sibling reads to them if it is a harder book.

We also have a great public library system with a branch located just off McClay Road, close to Howell North High School. Another branch, the Katheryn Linneman Library, is in St. Charles at the corner of Elm Street and Duchesne. This one has a huge children's section!

Finally, we have our RAZ-Kids online reading program. And Yes... You can list the name of these books read at home on your child's weekly reading log.

I assign your child a set of books to read at a level they should be able to complete independently. They should not need help with these books or the quizzes. We have access at school to read these books. But your child may also work on them at home. Now that we will have more computer access (see below), your child will have assigned books to listen to, read to themselves, and take a quiz about the book. The goal is to receive 80% and a green check mark under each part. No mark or a red tab means you need to redo or complete that task.

Weekly assignments will be about 5 books a week, or one per school day.

If you have not already, here is how to get to the website.

Raz-Kids is also available as an app to download onto tablets or smart phones.

The Teacher name is: mscheffera Then find your child's name to click on.

Your child's password is: first initial, last initial, and their student number.

FYI... There is a Winter Break assignment of books to read between now and January 8th. Please start working on that habit of working on one book each day. Happy Reading!

Computer News

Exciting News!!! In January our class will be participating in a technology program at Harvest Ridge that will give our class more computer access. There will be computers redistributed in Harvest Ridge in a way that will give our class 1 computer for every 2 students. We will have this set of chromebooks in our classroom at all times. Previously I would check out a cart of chromebooks as needed for certain assignments. I'm so excited that we will be able to use these to enhance our learning! Please be on the look-out for future updates and information on websites we use and how you can support our technology use at home.

Important Dates

January 6th - Return to School

January 12th - PTO meeting, 6:30 pm. Baby sitting provided

January 14th - Pappa John's Night

January 18th - No School, M.L. King Jr. Day

January 25th - Student Council Meeting after school, pick-up at 5:00 pm

January 29th - PTO Trivia Night, more info to come