Update on the Second World War!

By:Kelric Walton

Atlantic neighbors under siege; What will Roosevelt do?

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Winston Churchill "The Legend"

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. Before his more prominent role in politics he served in the British military during World War I. He led his country through a tough time when they were under constant shelling by the Germans and managed to still stand tall in the rubble.

Battle of Britain

Wednesday, April 10th 1940 at 12am


Nazi Germany decided that the RAF needed to be taken care of as they are the only rival Air Force to the Luftwaffe. Germany started to bomb Brtain and this led to an all out air battle between rival air forces which led to a crippling blow to the German invasion.

U.S. Isolationism

a. Fireside chats

The series of radio broadcasts that FDR made during WWII. They were used to comfort the American people. FDR made the very personal so that way the listener could feel the intimate connection.

b. Lend lease act

The act which had America give military aid and supplies to any country whose defense was vital to the U.S. This led to the U.S's later involvement in the war. Although some opposed this act, it helped us lend support through the the world without sending our own men. If it wasn't for the American support that Great Britain received their country might have fallen.

c. Battle of Atlantic

United Kingdom and United States' naval battle with Nazi Germany to close the Mid Atlantic Gap. Before the United States joined the British in the fight against Germany they had to give up their colonial trade policies, western military bases, all their recent research advantages to United States in order for their destroyers and use of production facilities. It was on of the longest military campaigns during WW2

Why We should join

Although our country's current situation isn't the best think about what reparations we can ask of the other countries once the war is over. We could have complete takeover of the losers and subjugate the to our government.
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Yes we are able to embargo Japan. The American people wouldn't stand to support a country that has done mass slaughter. Also what do we have to gain from Japan? There is nothing crippling that they could do to our country and we face no major risks from it.