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History of the company

In 1997 many movie rental businesses only rented movies and television shows on VCR tapes. Reed Hastings wanted to change that. Reed is the creator behind Netflix, a company made for streaming movies to people through a monthly subscription program. Reed wanted to create a business that rented movies and television shows on disc. Netflix was first started in Scotts Valley, California in 1997. Hastings was able to start this company from his previous knowledge from Pure Software, a company he created for fixing bugs and viruses in computers. He also had lots of money from Pure Software that he was able to use to start Netflix.

Progression of the Company

First, Netflix only had a handful of movie titles that they rented to customers. When more people started using Netflix, Netflix was able to rent out more movies to customers as the company started to grow. Then, Netflix started using media to stream movies and started streaming television shows. Next, Netflix installed a software for subscribers to use to recommend movies and TV shows to other subscribers based on the movies/TV shows previously watched. This software is called Cinematch. At first not many people used Cinematch but, after Netflix got more publicity, more subscribers started using Cinematch. Now, Netflix is streamed entriley from media. Netflix is being used all over the country and has over 40 million subscribers.

Netflix in better now than it was before because now everybody subscribed to Netflix can watch movies and TV shows through streamed media. You don't need to wait for a disc to come in the mail anymore. In 1997 Netflix only had 500,000 subscribers, now they have 40 million. In my opinion 500,000 to 40 million subscribers is a big difference. That must mean Netflix made some impact in the world.

Impact on Society

Netflix introduced discs into everyday life and revolutionized the movies renting industry. In 1998 more people started watching movies on discs. Netflix was one of the very first movies rental companies that set discs directly to your house. Eventually, Netflix became more popular than Blockbuster, a movies renting company that only rented VCR taped. Many people would not have discovered new movies and television shows that they haven't watched before. Also people would not have discovered new technology if it weren't for Netflix.

Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings entered the Marine Corps in 1981 at the Officer of Canidated School in Quantico, Virginia. Then he left to go to the Peace Corps because Reed claims he asked to many questions and didn't like working there. Reed was born on October 8, 1960 (54 years). He went to Stanford University and Bowdoin College for his education. Now, today as we all know him Reed Hastings is the entrapuner of Netflix.
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The top five trending movies and TV shows on Netflix are The Other One, House of Cards, Mean Girls, Grace and Frankie, and Farmland. Netflix is marketed by getting the word out online through different "online portals" such as Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Netflix is also marketed by ordinary citizens. Many people don't have the time to rent movies from stores such as Blockbuster. Instead people use Netflix to watch shows and movies. Alliences with Best Buy helped Netflix boost their publicity.
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