Westing game

By Ellen Raskens

"lets give a cheer, Otis Amber is here!"

key passage page 94


Grace Wexler slammed the door on the delivery boy's silly face

To Otis, he thinks that all of this is a fun game, and does not take the game seriously also Grace, does not like Otis because he jokes too much.


key passage page 89

"Can't stand around chit-chatting about a murder that never happened. Sam Westing was a madman. Insane. Crazy as a bedbug." He pedaled off, shouting back, "We ain't murderers, none of us."

This key passage shows how he always thinks on the positive side of things, and that he is friends to all.


Otis ambers life key passage page161

He is a private investigator who was told to follow Mrs.Westing be for Sam Westing died. He was assigned to follow her by Sam Westing. (This happened a while ago.)

What Otis said about Mrs.Westing. "I've grow fond of the woman."

That show that he cares for Crow/Mrs.Westing

Queen - Bicycle Race

Bicycle Race By Queen

I chose this song because it represents my character, of how goofy he is.

Otis rides a bike all day long and we do not know who he realy is.

LIke the song says:

"I want to ride my bike where I like"

"Don't belive in Peter Pan, Frankenstine or Superman, all I want to do ride my bike."

His Internal Conflict is

His internal conflict is that he still cares for Crow and thinks that Crow is innocent, but all the rest don't think that she is innocent.