PeopleWise a LexisNexis Review.

PeopleWise a LexisNexis Background Check

Peoplewise is a LexisNexis background check site created for regular folks. LexisNexis is a large provider of records for corporations and business. They aren't specifically specializing in everyday type record checks and majority of their business is done for large organization and this is typically done in bulk.


Just like all other online background check companies PeopleWise is a record aggregator. There are records available publicly on a local level. What makes background checks companies so great is they provide an all in one search. Instead of doing it county by county.

Record types available are people searches, business searches, property searches, and neighborhood checks.

The cost of doing a background check is $1.95 for sample report (basic info), advanced is $2.95 basic info plus potential relatives and associated, the full report is $24.95 per person and this included liens, licenses, court, and accident information. There is an additional $7 add on for misdemeanor, traffic, and criminal records. Which makes is a little pricey compared to other providers for a single report.

lexisnexis background check

Lexisnexis Background Check

Lexisnexis Background Check
The majority of the information kept by LexisNexis was gathered from public record as well as official public data suppliers. Additionally they use exclusive data and info from alternative party data suppliers in putting together info programs. LexisNexis is dedicated to the accountable utilization of hypersensitive personal data. There's a multiple layered technique that features security solutions meant to guarantee the discretion and reliability of delicate specifics of individuals. Why comb the net for criminal history records if all you need can be obtained from LexisNexis? For example, at you can get the "Criminal History Records" directory that contains different types of criminal offender records data (e.g. criminal arrest documents, division of corrections reports, court docket conviction information) via 36 distinct states. It's also possible to gain access to criminal filings in the federal government legal courts.

Lexisnexis Database
LexisNexis Academic focuses on business enterprise and legal system matters, and with general media (worldwide, nationwide and regional), health-related, and useful resource assets. The majority of materials are complete content. With regard to Business enterprise, LexisNexis includes organization and sector news reports, comprehensive organization economic information, and contains important bookkeeping publications. When it comes to Law, the repository supplies texts of state and federal court decisions, state and federal government agency legal guidelines, as well as legal system publication content.

Lexisnexis Public Records
Make use of among the biggest directories of general public and exclusive data in the marketplace. LexisNexis Public Records boasts more than 78 billion public records through over 10,000 assorted suppliers, including open public, non-public, governed, up and coming and extracted information.