Book Drive

The Learning Cottage, Girl Scout Troop 21 & MHM

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Taking the Literacy Challenge

In conjunction with The Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast FL & specifically, Troop 21 (Sponsored by The Learning Cottage), We are taking the "Literacy Challenge"!

From Jan 8th - Jan 29th students , families and girl scouts of The Learning Cottage will be asked to donate gently used children's books. They will then be shared with mothers and children, in our community, in need.

By doing so, children will gain an understanding of how their sharing will not only develop a love of reading, but a great sense of community.

Donations will be made to "Mothers Helping Mothers", a local charity run solely by volunteers benefiting children and families in the Sarasota area specifically. learn more about Mothers Helping Mothers here;

*Families of Fusion Kids (ages 3-5) & Troop 21 Girl Scouts, consider sharing the short video on their site with your child- this will help your child gain a better understanding of who we are helping and where their shared books are going.

Learning & Little Cottage Families, please ask your children to share gently used books with those in need and place them in the baskets located at the main building

Girl Scouts of Troop 21, Please be sure to bring your gently used book donations to The Learning Cottage on Jan 19th (Our Troop Meeting)

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