Thomas Jeffersons Inventions

By: Jenna Turdo

A little about him

  • He was born on April 13, 1743

  • In Shadwell in Albemarle County, Virginia

  • He became a member of the Continental Congress

  • He also wrote the Declaration of Independence when he was 33

  • He became the third president of the United States

His Inventions

The Plow

  • Built in 1794

  • Thomas Jefferson was one of Virginia’s largest planters

  • He studied agriculture and introduced many plants to the US

  • He liked farm machinery

  • He wanted wanted a plow that would dig deeper than the standard plows

  • With the help of Thomas Mann Randolph (who managed a lot of Thomas Jefferson’s land) he built an iron plow based off mathematical formulas that would allow him to dig deeper.

Macaroni Machine

  • Built in 1787

  • He started to like cooking while serving as an American minister to France around the 1780s

  • When he returned to the US he cooked guests some foods from France like macaroni

  • Thomas Jefferson developed and made the macaroni machine to better make the noodles

  • The machine cut holes from the dough which then could be cooked

Spherical Sundial

  • Made from the top part of a column and a globe shaped ball was placed on top

  • He marked the North and South Poles, the equator, and the meridian lines

  • A movable meridian casted a shadow showing the time of day

Wheel Cipher

  • Used to write messages in code from soldiers during the American Revolution

  • It had 26 wooden disks that were all joined by a iron pin

  • All the letters of the alphabet were put on 1 disk the second disk also had the 26 letters on it, the letters were in no certain order

  • The person receiving the letter could then cipher it

The Great Clock

  • Built in 1792-1793

  • It served the house guests and the workers who were in the field

  • It shows Thomas Jefferson’s want for order

  • The clock shows hours, minutes, and seconds

  • It’s powered by the cannonball weights

  • The weights were strung on ropes that went down into the cellar

  • Thomas Jefferson’s Great Clock is located in his entrance way

My Reaction

In 5th grade I went on the Virginia Trip, and we got to go to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's house). We also got see his inventions now that I did this project I know even more about them than I did before also I learned about other inventions that we didn't learn about when we went to Monticello. It's cool to see how some of his inventions have become even greater than before, and how they have developed over time!