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January 10, 2020

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Lyon/Pleasant Ridge & District 34 Calendar

Friday, January 10

PR Science Fair Registrations Due

Wednesday, January 15

D34 ParentConnect / Anxiety 2.0:Fosterin Grit - 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at Ate

Thursday, January 16

Grupo de discusión de D34 ParentConnect (Gr 3-5) en la escuela Hoffman

Monday, January 20

NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday, January 21

PTA Meeting at Pleasant Ridge - 9:15 a.m.

Saturday, January 25

PR Science Fair in the MPR & Gym

Monday, January 27

D34 Board of Education Meeting - 7:30p.m.

Friday, February 7

Lyon School Spirit Day

Monday, February 17

NO SCHOOL - President's Day

Tuesday, February 18

NO SCHOOL - Institute Day

View the full calendar at the District website ( -- Parents -- Calendar).


From the Lyon School Principal's Desk

“It’s not the same when you’re not here.” This sentiment expresses our feelings when our students miss school. With our return from Winter Break, and what was hopefully an opportunity for some quality time together as a family, I wanted to start the new year by sharing some thoughts about the importance of school attendance and prompt arrival each day. For those of you who attended Lyon Curriculum Night back in the fall, this will be a familiar theme!

Not only do the children’s classmates and teachers miss them when they are significantly late or absent from school, but there can be real gaps that develop in their learning. “A growing consensus of researchers points to chronic absence as one of the strongest but most overlooked indicators that a student will become disengaged and fall behind academically…” (Sparks, 2010). So what is “chronic” absenteeism? The easiest definition would be missing 10% or more of school. Now this issue may not seem as critical for our youngest students. However, a recent California study found that among students who were chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade, only 17% were proficient readers at the end of 3rd grade (Bruner, Discher & Chang, 2011). In addition to the academic impact, children can miss important and consistent opportunities for the development of social and friendship skills, resilience and dependability.

Of course, a student’s health is an important consideration. We would want you to keep your child home from school if s/he has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, has diarrhea or is vomiting, or is directed by a physician to do so. In most cases other than those, we would expect students to attend school (you can always call our health office with specific questions about conditions).

Perfect attendance would be great! A realistic goal is to have your children miss no more than (on average) one day per month. Regular attendance and prompt arrival at school (no later than 8:50am) truly set children up for success. It really isn’t the same when they’re not here, and we appreciate your support and partnership in working toward our students having the most positive school experience.

On another note, as Mr. Friedman shares in his letter, we too are hoping for the Lyon parent 5 Essentials response rate to be at least 20% - higher would be fantastic. We value your input! Families with children at both Lyon and Pleasant Ridge need to fill out the form separately for each school, but can use the same link shared in Mr. Friedman’s letter. If you haven’t yet filled out 5 Essentials for Lyon, please do so!

5Essential Parent Survey

5Essentials Parent Survey - Give Your Input About Our School!

The 5Essentials survey is given to parents of all students throughout the state of Illinois. Your participation allows us to gain information to make our schools the best they can be our students. The Survey is administered for the Illinois State Board of Education by UChicago Impact at the University of Chicago.

Participation in this survey is a factor in the ranking of our school on the Illinois Report Card, so we are hoping that EVERY parent will give their input -- including you!

Please click here to take the parent survey.

From the Pleasant Ridge Principal's Desk

Welcome back!

Wishing our Pleasant Ridge community a happy and healthy new year. Although it took a little extra energy on Monday morning to get going, it was great to see our building full with students and ready to tackle learning together. There was certainly a lot of enthusiasm, as students were excited to reconnect with their classmates and teachers. I’m excited for all that 2020 has in store for us at Pleasant Ridge, it’s going to be a great year!

As a learning organization, we are always in the cycle of continuous improvement. All throughout the year we review various sources of data (student assessment data, survey data, informal feedback from stakeholders) to inform our work. The data prompts us to ask what we’re doing well and where we can grow to better serve our students and families. One important avenue for providing feedback is through the 5 Essentials Parent Survey.

Your confidential responses will help provide us an important parental perspective on our school and the work we do with children and families. Our current response rate is 12% and we need to exceed 20% participation in order to generate a parent report. Last year we had 37% parent participation on this survey, and we would love to exceed those numbers.

You can access the survey at the link below. Thank you for taking the time to provide your perspective. I look forward to reviewing the responses with our School Improvement Team and continuing to support the growth of our school together.

Link to survey:

Erik Friedman

Pleasant Ridge Principal

Important Notes and Reminders:

  • Traffic Reminder- Thank you to all the parents and families who follow our entry and dismissal procedures to make it a safe, smooth and efficient time of the day. I’m happy to report that we’ve made a few internal adjustments to our dismissal routine and we’ve shortened our dismissal time at the end of the day. I’ve noticed that sometimes traffic can get clogged on Sunset Ridge while heading North as vehicles attempt to turn into our lot. If you are heading South on Sunset Ridge before turning into the lot, please allow cars turning left to come into the line as this will alleviate congestion on Sunset Ridge. Thank you.

  • Science Fair- Just a reminder that we are holding our annual Science Fair on Saturday, January 25th in the morning. We currently have low registration numbers and we would love to see more students participate. This is an exciting opportunity for students to explore their curiosities and share their learning with others. Further details are available on the top page of the Pleasant Ridge website, which is linked here:

Let’s get those budding scientists signed up!

  • Dressing for the Weather- The colder days are here. We make every effort to get outside for recess. It’s an important break during the day for students and being outdoors allows children to get increased movement and fresh air. Please make sure you’re sending your children to school with all the necessary outerwear for the elements. Hats, gloves, boots, snow pants...pack it all! At times, certain parts of our playground can be wet and although we try to avoid them, accidents do happen. We recommend that all students have an extra set of weather appropriate clothing at school in the case of an emergency. We appreciate your support and thank you for preparing your children to enjoy outdoor recess comfortably.

  • 5th Grade Parents Only- Middle School Orientation Nights- Please note that Attea and Springman will be hosting Parent Orientation Nights on Wednesday, March 18th @ 7:00 PM. Please place this date on your calendars, more information will be forthcoming from the Middle Schools in the near future.

Big picture

PE Reminder for PR

Dear Pleasant Ridge Families,

Due to the unexpected change in weather, our students are wearing boots to school! The PE team would like to kindly remind families to have their students bring their gym shoes every day in order to participate in PE class. Students are not able to wear their boots in class as it damages the gym floor and more importantly isn’t the safest option for students to participate in activity. If students frequently are not able to participate due to not having proper attire, it will negatively impact their Engagement grade.

Thank you,


Lost and Found at Lyon and Pleasant Ridge

Is your child missing his/her gloves, backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, hat, scarf, coat, boots etc.? Lyon & Pleasant Ridge's lost and found is overflowing. If your child is missing an article of clothing, please stop by Lyon and/or Pleasant Ridge to look through all the lost items.

Winter Weather

As the weather has started to get colder please remember to dress your kids appropriately. Children will go out for recess as much as possible (if the wind chill is above zero degrees). Please send your children in snow pants and boots if there is snow on the ground.

Important Visitor Procedures

Please call your child’s teacher to arrange an appointment if you want to visit a classroom. Sign in at the office so that we know you are in the building. We ask that you wear a visitor lanyard when visiting. Please sign out and return the lanyard when leaving the building. If you plan to take your child out of the building during school hours, please sign him/her out in the office.

All visitors (including parents) will be asked to present valid state issued identication (drivers license or state i.d.) that will be entered into the system before gaining access to the school beyond the main office.

Food Service Menu and Cycle Calendar For Lyon and Pleasant Ridge

Please review this important food service information which includes the menu cycle and the cycle calendar. Click here for the Food Service Newsletter.

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