Comp Day: April 2, 2015

This year's comp day is Good Friday!

What is a comp day?

A comp day is a regularly scheduled workday that an employee may choose not to attend because he or she has chosen to attend staff development on his or her own time.

In order to comp out of April 2, 2015 (Good Friday), an employee must complete 6 hours of staff development between June 1, 2014 & March 5, 2015. All documentation is due to Tiffany Parkerson by the end of the day March 5, 2015.

How can I check to see if I already have comp time?

Log in to Eduphoria.

Click on Workshop.

Click on My Portfolio.

Note comp time under "Total credit earned to date"

If you have earned comp time from attending a district workshop, you do not need to submit any documentation. We will run a report through Eduphoria.

Yikes! I don't have comp time. What can I do?

Eduhero offers a variety of courses. Choose courses that are applicable to your area of work. Complete the courses, print the certificate(s), and submit them to Tiffany Parkerson by the end of the day March 5, 2014. You need 6 total hours to receive your comp day.

To view course options, log in to Eduhero from the page.

Click "View All Courses" on the home screen.

These courses should be completed on your own time (NOT during school hours).

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