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April 2020 Edition

Welcome to the ACCESS Express Newsletter

Steve Blair, ACCESS Administrator for the Alabama State Department of Education, invites you to take a look at some of the great things happening with virtual learning.

Sharing the Good News...ACCESS Spotlights Success

Learning at any time, any pace and in any place is the ACCESS motto. That motto continues to transcend across educational boundaries in the state while providing rigor and high quality instruction for Alabama's students. While not everything is positive in the news today, there are many wonderful things happening with the use of ACCESS in schools across Alabama. We are excited to share with you some of the good news!

Tips for Parents

Although most students today are digital natives, virtual learning platforms are not always a familiar territory for parents. Click HERE to learn more about ways you can help your distance learner.

Insider Tips...Users Tell All!

Are you trying to figure out the keys to success in ACCESS? Look and see what some ACCESS users have to say.

ACCESS to the Rescue

During times of uncertainty, ACCESS can provide some educational stability. For 14 years, ACCESS Virtual Learning has been providing students in grades 7-12 with opportunities to participate in rigorous, standards-based courses taught by certified teachers using an online platform. However, did you know that ACCESS also has the Franchise Model? This model is a game changer for schools and districts, especially when tasked with providing students with access to high quality, standards-based, instructional materials to use from remote locations. Click HERE to learn more about how the ACCESS Franchise Model can provide some relief.

Content & Courses

Did you know that ACCESS provides 15 foreign language classes taught by bilingual instructors from across the state? ACCESS also provides 11 AP courses and 8 courses for students in middle school. Check out the ACCESS courses available!

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