1936 Olympics

Overview of Holocaust

The Holocaust is when the Nazis come to Germany and take the Jews to camps where they will die or survive. Most Jews try to go into to hiding but most of them got caught. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazis killing and taking the Jews. Anne Frank was a little girl and she was going through it. Her and her family went into hiding. soon they got caught and was taking to camps. Anne wrote everything in her diary, but she had to leave it behind. she always wanted it to be published into a novel and it was. Her father Otto Frank was the only one to survive out of them. This was a sad time for the Jews very little survived, but a lot died.

Definition/Background Information

Summer Olympic Games were always held in Berlin. It was held for 2 weeks. These games were a responding propaganda success for the Nazi. Adolf Hitler always presided over the opening of the games.

This tradition of the Olympics started in London in 1908. There were African Americans all through the events. there were sprints, long distance, field events, and relays. They one gold, silver, and bronze metals. this was a time when they had there own time and not worry about the Nazis.

Original Research Question

What was the most popular event in the 1936 Olympics?

The torch relay was the most popular . it was the first race of the whole thing. It was a symbol of fire to them. It was carried by the first person in line and they all followed.


"One chance is all you need" by Jesse Owens This quote to me meant a lot and had a big meaning to his career and sports. You may mess up a lot before you get it right but in the real thing you only need one chance you don't need a lot because all you have to do is be calm and go for that only chance that you will need.


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