Oil in Alaska?

Inside View of the debate from a Federal Government Official

No more Oil Spills!

We're tired of careless mistakes destroying our marine wildlife, flooding our neighborhoods, and consuming Earth's nonrenewable resources. The reality is, once these resources are used up, that's it, so we may as well be prepared to take a different route... and creating a new oil refinery isn't going to solve the issue. Instead we should be looking up to bigger and brighter things, like upcoming renewable resource methods and investing our funds into research. But really, do you want to live above an area threatening the ecosystem? The answer is no.

Did you know -- Short facts

  • Oil spills in the ocean mess up the Ph balance, turbidity, and temperature, which changes the overall healthiness in a body of water, making it unsuitable for aquatic life
  • Oil companies guarantee they won't spill in the specified area, but don't mention the transportation details, and if your moving oil around, there's always the risk of a spill anywhere
  • Oil travels underground through pipes, possibly around where you live. In the past these pipes have given way and caused a neighborhood oil spill... forcing families to evacuate temporarily until it is cleaned up
  • It only takes one person to mess up, despite the company's solid guarantee

There's no guarantee!

Companies "guarantee" the safety of aquatic life and people working in and around the oil rig, but how can they be sure? They aren't. Even though the safety of an oil rig is 99.999%, what's to stop the .001% left from major destruction?