Space race: A heated race

Government, space, and technology collide for battle

Space Race background

The space race was an intense race to see which country could make it to the moon first between the U.S. and the soviet union. This race was just a small part of the technological, and governmental conflict between these two countries.

Sputnik Launched!

During this race for the skies the Soviets struck first sending a missile up into the sky called the Sputnik, this really opened up the eyes of the U.S. to counter their attack, and later the U.S. made the space program NASA.

Cold War, and Space Race

Cold War Affected by Space Race

How was the Cold War affected by the space race?

The cold war was very affected by the space race because the war was a battle for government power, technological power, and space power, and once the US and Soviets got into space, it was one step closer to governmental and tech power for both countries, and the space race was not only a piece of the cold war, and people would agree that the space race was not one of the most physical parts of the cold war, but it definitely was an impacting factor that drove the cold war.

cold war started space race?

The cold war was a big part in starting the space race, because the Cold War was a lot about trying to develop many new nuclear weapons, and missiles were a part of those weapons, so once the countries had access to missiles they were able to build and launch rockets.