Impact in the Early Years

Transforming outcomes and accelerating progress


A pioneering approach which ensures impact

This full day session provides a clear outline of how a brand new and highly effective teaching approach can transform the early years classroom. A range of practical and adaptable activities will be shared which will make an immediate impact for all pupils. The focus of the day is primarily language and communication along with many activities which support progress in reading, writing and mathematics.

This is a training session which is built upon the very best evidence-based approaches and research into early learning. The combination of strong foundations, appropriate resources and a teacher's skill and understanding guarantee classroom impact. All ideas and approaches can be easily shared with colleagues.

The course will be delivered by Chris Williams who has presented this classroom approach in schools and at conferences across the UK and overseas. He has led teams of EYFS and KS1 staff teachers across the country on projects based on making an impact through effective integration of technology. Chris has shared this highly effective approach with staff in over 100 nurseries and Early Years settings across the UK and feedback continues to be extremely positive.

Feedback on Chris Williams' work in Early Years settings and EYFS/KS1

"Global Thought Leader"- Michelle Cordy, Teacher, Canada

"Pioneers" Reshan Richards, Teacher, Creator of the award winning app "Explain Everything"

"Simply Brilliant" Laura Botte, teacher, Vermont,USA

"International Early Years Experts" Children in Scotland

This course will provide:

  • Clear understanding of practical ways in which learning can be transformed in EYFS and KS1.
  • Outstanding and effective activities which make a sustained impact on learning and progress.
  • A consistent approach which can be used by all staff.
  • A wide range of ideas and activities which can be used immediately in the classroom.
  • An understanding of how new approaches build on existing learning opportunities.
  • An understanding of how audio-visual technology can promote speaking, listening and communication along with personal, social and emotional development.

*This course features the use of iPads(provided on the day, no experience necessary!) although ideas, methods and activities can be carried out on other devices. All activities require a minimum of 1 mobile device and are not reliant on extensive whole-school investment in technology.

What other people have said

"Inspirational, and easy to implement in every classroom" NAHT Delegate, Wakefield

"Everything we have done will make a positive difference in my classroom." EYFS Leader, Essex

"The focus is on learning and language. The technology is actually the easy part. Brilliant!" Headteacher, Hull

Intended Audience

  • Key Stage 1/EYFS teachers and teaching assistants
  • Heads/Deputies interested in using mobile technology
  • Nursery managers/advisers
  • Nursery Nurses
  • Teaching Assistants

Price: £175 plus VAT.

The Abbey Centre, Great Smith Street, London W1

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 9:30am-3pm

34 Great Smith Street