By: Jillian Rimel


  • Abbreviation- AL

  • Capital - Montgomery

  • Largest City - Birmingham

  • Area- 52,423 square miles

  • Population - 4,833,722

  • Residents - Alabamans

  • Nickname - Heart of Dixie

  • Motto- We Dare Defend Our Rights

  • Song - Alabama

  • Bird- Yellowhammer

  • Flower- Camellia

  • Tree- Southern longleaf pine


  • Abbreviation - MS
  • Capital - Jackson
  • Largest City - Jackson
  • Area - 48,434 square miles
  • Population - 2,991,207
  • Residents - Mississippians
  • Nickname - Magnolia State
  • Motto - "Virtute et armis" - By valor and arms
  • Song - Go Mis-sis-sip-pi
  • Bird- Mockingbird
  • Flower- Magnolia
  • Tree- Magnolia


States that border the south are; New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Some Physical Characteristics of the south is the coastal plains along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico; the Piedmont and the ridges, valleys, and mountains bordering the Piedmont- especially the Great Smoky Mountains; areas of bluegrass; black soil prairies; floodplains; bayous; and many more. The south has a lot of history. Slaves were their main source of labor to work on plantations which inspired the creation of the cotton gin in 1793 which made cotton production much faster. After the civil war they segregated people. The Civil Rights Movement ended the legal segregation of Public schools, universities, transportation, businesses, and other establishments in the south. Many southern states economies are supported by agriculture, primarily cotton. they produce a small amount of manufactured goods. However, the south is experiencing high jobless rates and high poverty rates. Yet there are many famous people from southern states. For example, famous actress Julia Roberts war born in Georgia. The south also has many attractions such as Sea World, Disney World, Universal studios, Six Flags, The Corvette Museum, Blue Bayou, Mardi Gras, and so much more.