Flying Towards The Future

Homeless Bird - Gloria whelan


Koly might only be thirteen, but she's ready to get married. Once an Indian woman is married she will never go back to her parents’ house. She married a sick but handsome young man called Hari. Although Koly was tormented by her Sass, mother in law, but she still liked Hari. Suddenly, Koly’s life became miserable and she got kicked out by her Sass. Koly found herself at a widow’s house and she made a friend, Raji. They soon fall in love and Koly realized that she was not in a bird cage anymore.

Character Snapshot

Koly - A kind, hardworking, and creative girl. She is a young teen on the brink of coming into her own and totally looking forward to it. Suddenly, she lost the color in her life and trying to find the meaning of life back.

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Koly, a thirteen years old hardworking and kind girl, managing to survive in her mother in law’s house. For example, Koly’s mother in law, Sass, ordered her to do so many difficult tasks around the house. Koly did not disobeyed and worked hard everyday without much of complains. Then Sass ditched Koly at Varanasi because she did not want to bring Koly along to work at her brother’s house. As a result these events lead her to a complicated life.

Symbol (Cage Bird)

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"I had swept the courtyard so often that every inch was familiar to me" ( Whelan 85)
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"I saw him steal a glance at me and look away." ( Whelan 137)
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"He who plants a tree will have his reward." ( Whelan 172)
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"I knew that it would be the homeless bird, flying at last to its home." ( Whelan 182)

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