~ Victor R.

Short Bioagraphy

Claudius was married FOUR times; Plautia, Urgulanilla, Aelia Paetina, Messalina. But it was his fifth wife that had him killed by poison in a desperate urge to have her son to become emperor, hence making her the most powerful person in Rome if she just could have held her son,Nero, Tighter in her grasp.

Claudius info.

  • 4TH Emperor of Rome
  • Emperor from 41 A.D. to 54 A.D.
  • A scholar and thinker
  • Last descendant from Augustus since Caligula had most killed

Significant Facts

  1. He was the first Emperor to do anything 'good' such as Augustus
I believe that this is significant because it showed the first time any of Augustus's descendants had done anything to help or expand the country. He made Britannia part of Rome and had helped Rome also by knowing how to run the country efficiently, something the previous emperors, excluding Augustus, hadn't been able to do.

2. Strengthen the state, Rome

He extended the enfranchisement and state offices to provincial Romans which was a MAJOR improvement because now it wasn't just Romans that served in the offices but rather a diversity causing a change of view in disputes and decisions.

3. Tried to implement forgotten history & language

He tried to bring back the history of the Republic of Rome and some history of that of Carthage with a few others because he thought that the history was valuable and shouldn't be forgotten and he was the last person to know how to read Etruscan.