The raft

niya glover

The plane crash.

The raft Plan crash: The plane crash happened and hour or two after robie got on the plane. She was thrown off the plane by max with the raft in to the ocean.A little bit after wards she was grabed by hair and pulled in to the raft by max. After robie was pulled on the raft she watched max yell out laryers name while ,seeing the plane go under water in horror.

the ocean

After the plane crash robie and max were stuck in the ocean. Robie was wet, scared ,cold and upset with max for throwing her of the plane. time skip. later in the story robe discovered that max has a huge gash and his head and ads it. Then she end up push max off the raft so she can even out the wight of the raft because water keeped on coming in. she falls asleep and see that max is gone she and starts to freak out,then max comes out of know were,asks how long he was out in the water then tells robe to go fix the hole in the bottom of the raft. robe hesitated to go in the water to fix the draft but built in the courage to go into the water andshe fix the hole. Time skip: late in the story max gets up and tells robe some story. Time skip: robe wakes up and sees somthing then wakes up max and he said it could be lan after they waited a while the end up finding out it is land. when the y get close waves end up knocking them of the raft in to the land.

The Island

robie wakes up after the incident to a swolen eye and max know where to be found the she spots the raft and max is laying beside it. Then she goes out to go get food then ends up taking a nap. She wakes up the a hawwiian monk seal crying because it had a gash on its stomic from a shark she end up sadly killing the monk to put it out of its misery,then later figures out it was a mother to a baby monk and end up feeling teribal. Time skip: later in the story robe goes out in to the ocean to get diving suit but ends up losing it to a shark. and end up telling her self that max was dead the whole time.Time skip she end up getting saved before she end up dying.


Text to self. Me and robehave similar likes and dislikes. For example she doesn't like water and i don't like water. Another example we both e like feting piercings. Another example we both like watching netflix. Another example we both don't like being alone.

Text to world: In the the book the albatross is introduced and in the real world the y are real. In the story and in the real world the pacific ocean is real. In the story and in the real world there are the monk seal. in the Story and in the real world there are tiger sharks are real.

Text to Text:In the story robie get a nosie pierce that reminds me of when it got a nose pierce. In the story robie drops her Mc donals that remind me of the time i dropped my mc donnas happy meal when i was littler. robe watches MTv and so do i. Max has a journal and i have a personal journal to