December 9, 2013

East Noble Middle

Just a reminder, there will be another community meeting to discuss the middle school on Monday, December 16, 9 a.m. at the middle school. A brief tour will follow the meeting. This meeting will be very similar to the evening meetings held and for those who were not able to attend the evening meetings or those who would like a tour of the building.

During the December 18 School Board meeting, architects Barton, Coe, Villama will be present and provide a brief overview of their estimated calculations for the options presented at the community meetings. The Board meeting will be held at the Central Office and begins at 6 p.m.

We continue to receive feedback from the community that endorses building a new building. Location is the challenge. There is not enough space to build on the current site and hold school in the old building during construction. If you are interested in a new building and have suggestions for a location, please contact Ann Linson at alinson@eastnoble.net or 347-2502. Your input is critical to the future of East Noble Middle School.

ENHS Round Table Cafe

Last Thursday was the debut of the East Noble High School Round Table Cafe and I had the opportunity to stop by during their open house. I was greeted by some amazing students who have been training, practicing, and preparing for their first guests to serve. Each of the students had a job to do from greeting to seating to serving to clearing the tables to saying goodbye and thank you. Each student made their guests feel special on Thursday and each guest could feel the pride and excitement that was evident in the students. It was also wonderful to see how other students are getting involved with the Cafe. On the walls and shelving were pieces of artwork that were created and for sale by ENHS students.

Beginning in January, the Round Table Cafe will be open to the public for lunch on Fridays. The menu will be unlimited soup, salad, bread sticks, and a drink all for just $5.

Teachers Suzette White, Kim Luke, and Laura Bolinger are to be commended for dreaming big, having confidence in their students, pursuing grants for a commercial kitchen, and showing their students they have a valuable role in society. Thank you ladies. (Thank you also to the ENSC maintenance staff who helped create the kitchen.)

I am looking forward to spending time in the Round Table Cafe!

Super Hero of the Week is Dawn Jackson

Dawn Jackson completed her student teaching at Wayne Center Elementary over nineteen years ago, and she has been teaching third graders there ever since. She is East Noble’s Hero of the Week for her dedication in instilling the love of reading in our students.

A few years ago, Mrs. Jackson along with some colleagues started Book Buddies, an after school activity for upper elementary students. Mrs. Jackson continues to be the contact person for Book Buddies and helps maintain the momentum of the program moving forward. When Book Buddies first began, third graders stayed after school once a week to listen to guest readers and spend quality time reading to themselves. Over the years and as interest has grown, our fourth, fifth and sixth graders have joined in the weekly fun. It’s great to hear students buzz about the books they are reading and see them get excited about staying after school to read!

Dawn has also been instrumental in organizing and overseeing our schoolwide reading incentive program. The challenge to the student body is to read one million minutes outside of school by the end of the school year! Mrs. Jackson has helped plan the incentives the students receive, collects reading data from teachers each week, prepares weekly announcements to celebrate the progress students are making, and basically oversees the program in its entirety. She is a great cheerleader for our students and encourages all to read every day.

Many thanks to Dawn for her dedication to our students!

Happenings in the ENSC Buildings

  • Tuesday, December 10 - North Side PTO meeting, Avilla K-2-4 Winter Program
  • Wednesday, December 11 - ENMS Band Dinner and Concert
  • Thursday, December 12 - Rome City Elementary and South Side Elementary Winter programs
  • Friday - East Noble Middle School Winter Dance

Have a Great Week! ---Ann

Curriculum and Building News

Curriculum Notes from Becca

I am so excited. Two years ago I heard about digital badges and thought this was a great idea. However, they were so new they were not being widely used - yet. Today, there has been more and more talk about digital badges but it has still been hard to find them, create them, and use them. This fact, however, is changing.

Digital badges are used to validate an accomplishment, skill, or quality that can be earned in various learning environments. Now, you might be asking, “What does that exactly mean?” Go back to your childhood and think of Girl Scout and Boy Scout badges but now in an electronic form and you have a digital badge.

Until recently, only a few companies were developing and using them, but ForAllBadges has opened up more opportunities for teachers and schools to use badges. Teachers can start a free account and upload class roster information. From there they can also design and criteria their own badges which can be assigned using any iOS device. Students can see their badges in their personal Mozilla Open Badges Backpack. Students can earn a badge for mastering the multiplication tables, knowing their – at word family, or knowing the basic babysitting safety rules. The possibilities are endless!

The intent is for students to collect badges from childhood into adulthood, all the while documenting various skills and trainings that they have earned or participated in. If you are interested in learning more about digital badges, I have included a few links for you to read. If you are interested in piloting badges in your classroom, please let me know and we will hold a training on how to get started.


http://openbadges.org/earn/ - You can earn a badge here and start your backpack.


http://ob-awareness.myknowledgemap.com/MKM_open-badges_portable-rewards-for-learner-achievements.pdf - You can earn a badge for reading this one.


Alternative Learning Center

It has been two weeks since our last installment of Weekly Notes. A lot has happened at the ALC during that time. Since my last writing we have welcomed several new students, blown past the 100 credit mark and said good-bye to another graduate! In the past couple of weeks we have welcomed two new high school students and one elementary student. We are pleased to have them with us and look forward to helping them along in their educational journey.

As we approach Christmas break, students are working diligently. Numerous credits have been earned in the past two weeks, bringing our grand total for the year to a whopping 116 credits!!!! Last but not least, A BIG ALC CONGRATULATIONS GOES OUT TO SHANTAL STOLLAR ON THE COMPLETION OF HER GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS. Shantal is a young lady who came to the ALC and worked very hard each day in order to graduate early!!! In addition to graduating early, she has also obtained her first full time job. CONGRATULATIONS SHANTAL AND BEST WISHES ON A BRIGHT FUTURE!!!

Avilla Elementary

“Hoosier Hysteria” was alive and well this week in gym class! Mr. Keck had students participate in the annual Elks Hoops Shoot Free Throw Contest. Grade level winners are: Anna Becker, Molly Wallace, Bailey Parker, Brooks Miller, Darby Johnson, Sierra Pienkowski, Dylan Miller, Nathan Ferrier, Henry Cripe, Carver Miller, and Bree Walmsley. Congratulations to all and good luck!

OUR Kindergarten students enjoyed a Thanksgiving Feast to celebrate our Kindergarten friendships last week. To prepare for the feast, we made pumpkin pies and homemade butter as well as "turkey" and noodles, green beans and corn, mashed potatoes and rolls. What a great time we had. A special thanks to all our guest!

This past Wednesday evening OUR 6th graders took a major step towards high school graduation. We appreciate students and parents for taking time out of their evening to sign the Graduation Plan paperwork that needs to be completed before OUR kids move on to the middle school. OUR community continues to set the example of how important education is for OUR kids! We would like to thank Mrs. Munson, graduating class of 2020 counselor, for being here and talking with OUR students and families. We would also like to thank Mrs. Justus for putting the evening together and having cake on hand!

East Noble High School

We live in a world surrounded by technology, and we know that whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly hinge on understanding how technology works. But only a tiny fraction of us are learning computer science, and less students are studying it than a decade ago. That’s why our entire school joined in on the largest education event in history: The Hour of Code. During Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 9-15), every one of our students will be amongst over 2 million worldwide spending one hour learning the basics. Our Hour of Code is a statement that East Noble High School is ready to teach these foundational 21st century skills. To continue bringing programming activities to our kids, we want to make our Hour of Code event huge. See http://hourofcode.org for details, and please help us spread the word.

The high school business department covers a wide variety of subjects and provides a broad spectrum of opportunities for our kids. Sports Marketing classes recently visited the Fort Wayne Tincaps to learn how they market and drive sales, and they will visit the Fort Wayne Coliseum on Friday the 13th. They are in the process of setting up a visit to one of the news channels in Fort Wayne to see how media plays a role in sports marketing as well as a visit with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Career Planning classes are researching careers of their choice. In addition, they will interview someone currently in that career. Students are completing interest inventory assessments and personality tests to help them determine a career choice that matches their career goals. Food science class is finishing up a unit on meat production and meat grading by grilling up some steaks that were used to show marbling and muscle structure and how they affect the quality of the steaks.

Health classes are working on Life skills poster project. Which involves several of the life skills including decision making, collaboration, communicating effectively and using community resources. Advanced Child Development is teaching weekly literacy lessons to kindergartens at St. John school.

East Noble Middle School

Students of ENMS came back unable to have any lackadaisical after turkey affects, because they came back and were assessed with Language Arts and Math Acuity. Any student demonstrating typical or high growth on either Acuity receives a prize, and the students responded well, with many reaching that goal.

In 7th grade language arts, finished their Hunger Games arena projects, and are now beginning The Outsiders. 8th grade language arts just finished a poetry unit, where the students were responsible for writing many of their own poems. They will begin point of view and persuasion techniques soon!

North Side Elementary

On Friday, December 6th North Side PTO hosted their second annual Father/Daughter Dance. As guests arrived, they received handmade tickets admitting them into a winter wonderland themed event. Each guest was given a place setting that had individually made snacks and punch as well as a small gift for each of the little girls in attendance. Dads and daughters participated in many fun activities including relay races and silly games. There were also many opportunities for dads and daughters to share special moments on the dance floor while dancing to the YMCA, Hokey Pokey, and sentimental slow songs. All participants received a picture to commemorate their experience and remember the fun times shared together. A big thanks goes out to the North Side PTO members and volunteers for their continued support in providing memorable experiences for our North Side family.

Also this week, Mr. Linson came into the first grade classrooms recently and showed them how use their iPods for Daily 5 read to self and listen to reading time. Students used the app Story kit. Students used the app to take a photo of a page they were reading. Then they recorded themselves reading the text. Students learned how to wait and watch the recorder count to three before reading their text to make sure all of their reading was recorded. To review, they would play the audio back and re-record if needed. We worked through the cover page together taking the photo first and adding the audio second. Next, Mr. Linson sent them out on their own to finish the book. Most students caught on right away and all were having fun. Best of all – each student was on task the whole time.

Rome City Elementary

First Grade visited the Gingerbread Festival at the Fort Wayne History Center on Thursday. It was a great opportunity for students to see what community members can do when they work together. Students were able to use their iPods to take pictures of displays; looking for patterns. When they returned to school each student created a Shadow Puppet presentation about patterns they found. If you haven’t seen a Shadow Puppet yet, check this out! Shadow Puppet by Addasin. On the drive home first grade drove through the postcards at the park, and got to see their card.

Rome City’s 4th graders have been learning about energy sources. The Marketing and Public Relations Director from REMC, Kevin Dreibelbis, spoke to the students about renewable energy sources. His interactive presentation included the advantages and disadvantages of energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass. The students have researched various alternative energy sources in order to write an advantage/disadvantage essay. They will also use technology to present their information.

Friday Night was the Rome City Holiday Fair. Many parents, teachers, and community members came to do their holiday shopping from the 18 vendors. The 6th grade band performed from 6 to 7. There was also a raffle and door prizes every 15 minutes.

South Side Elementary

South Side National Elementary Honor Society members joined the red kettle drive by ringing the Salvation Army bell at Wal-Mart. Each crew served for forty-five minutes. The weather was relatively nice for December, but as it got darker, the falling temperatures could be felt. Those temperatures couldn’t hold back the spirits of our students. They entertained Wal-Mart visitors with vocal bell sounds, drum beats, and our own musical parody, “What Does the Bell Say?”

Our grade level update this week is from Kindergarten: Before the break, in a culmination of the unit study on Thanksgiving, all three kindergarten classes participated in our annual Thanksgiving feast. Students enjoyed turkey, corn muffins, homemade mashed potatoes, corn, pumpkin pie and apple cider. Each class churned butter and made corn muffins for the meal. The cafeteria was a busy place with seventy-five kindergartners dressed in Native American and Pilgrim costumes completed during Social Studies and Art classes. A number of parents and grandparents came to help serve and enjoy Thanksgiving with us!

Wayne Center Elementary

Our Student Council sponsored a Turkey Bowl last Tuesday. All students were invited to the gym to witness the staff bowling competition with a…frozen turkey! The kindergartners were excited to make their turkey hats to wear down to the traditional festive bowl-off. Mrs. Jackson was our two-time turkey bowl champ! Congratulations to her! This was a great way to kick-off our Thanksgiving week! Special thanks to Student Council for sponsoring this school-wide event!

Special recognition goes out to all the Wayne Center students for their continued participation in our million minute reading challenge. We have officially reached just over 250,000 minutes! Doughnuts and juice will be provided to all next week as we celebrate this mile marker!