Education in the Classroom

Demonstrating Professional Development

What types of technology do 6th-8th graders use in the classroom?

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Headphones
  • Adobe Programs

Are students more or less engaged? What are the pros? What are the cons?

Upon observation, it seemed as if the students were happy to get to work on their lessons. However, these students were not doing math and science, they were creating posters and doing photoshop and working on projects that inspired them. With this technology they were definitely engaged.


  • Students have quick access to information and research
  • Lessons are self paced so students who are advanced can move along quickly
  • Expressing creativity while learning


  • Not all students can stay focused on their assignments with the temptations of the web (game playing, face booking, etc.)
  • Students who are not efficient in holding themselves accountable can fall behind quickly

Projects completed by students

Teacher Talk

Interview answers from Mrs. Potter

*While observing the classroom, Mrs. Potter mostly graded online projects and helped students when they needed it with their projects. Pictured right is Mrs. Potter's zombie picture the students made.

Benefits of students using technology in the classroom:

  • No messy hand writing to grade/grading is easier
  • Quick access to information for students and teachers
  • No textbooks required
  • Offers a more creative output


  • Keeping attention to projects (especially with this age)
  • Not all schools have a lot of funding for technology so not always accessible
  • Not a lot of teacher/student engagement
  • Not a lot of lecturing (which teachers apparently enjoy!)

Mrs. Potter's Favorite Classroom Technology

The new 3D printers and computers of course! :)