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Harpy Eagle

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Photo Credit: Nathan Rupert via flickr


The Harpy Eagle is a beautiful bird species that control the canopies of of the rain forest. It is named after the Harpy from Greek myths which are creatures with long talons and agility. The Harpy Eagles are birds that are tall compared to many birds. The average size is about 89- 102 centimeters. However The females are almost always heavier or taller than the males. They also have a large wingspan from 176- 224 centimeters, because their wings are rounded, their speed goes up(Freire 72). The facial details are long feathers that are grey-black. A pair of yellow eyes that lay on top of a black beak. Their face is light grey ,but mostly white. A unique feature of them is that on the back of their heads, they have a facial disk that they can lower or raise ( like a cockatoo).(ARK)
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Photo Credit : Momster2 via flickr

Threats and Protection

The Harpy Eagles are hunted by human because of their large size and as pets. They are also prizes in games and are bought illegally on the black market. Their level to extinct is "near endangered" meaning that they are threatened close to the level of an endangered animal. However, international trade of it is banned by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. To protect this one of a kind eagle, scientist have monitoring its nests and food in case of predators or poachers. (ARK)

Why Should you help them

  • Because they are one of the most famous eagles in the world that lies on hearing rather than sound
  • Because of their giant size which is mentioned in the "Guinness Book of World Recores 1983"
  • And for the main reason... to keep animals alive and prosper especially animals like this (ARK)

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