St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School

Staff Newsletter

Week of December 17, 2018

"Sharing Christ Through Academic Excellence"

18-19 Theme Verse: "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble" Psalm 46:1

My Schedule

Monday- St John

Tuesday- Soest, Admin meeting 8am to 2:15pm, School board meeting 7pm Soest

Wednesday- St John

Thursday- Soest

Friday- St John

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Calendar Items of Note

Dec 21- closure makeup day

Jan 4- Required TA training complete

Jan 9- Active Shooter training @ 3pm

Jan 23- ILEARN Statewide Readiness test for grades 3-8

Feb 15- makeup day for Nov 15th via e-learning

EACS INPEC Reimbursement Checks

The reimbursement checks from INPEC expenses should come at the end of this week or the very beginning of the following according to Michelle @ EACS.

Dress Code

I'd like us to address the dress code with the kids after Christmas break. In particular I would like to deal with the girls and leggings without longer shirts on top. If there are other things, let's address those as well. We can talk about in January.

Staff Christmas Party

Thank you to those of you who responded, the annual staff Christmas party is planned for Friday, January 18th from 7-9pm. The location will likely be the HAAA Pavilion in Hoagland. If that date is not available, the backup date is January 11th. More details to follow. In the meantime put that date on your calendar.

If you have parent volunteer hours you've kept track of somewhere, please turn in this Friday the 21st.

Active Shooter Training

I have contacted Nic Hoffman, an Indiana State Trooper and member at Soest. Ron Galaviz contacted me and we scheduled Wednesday, January 9th at 3pm as the training day. ALL faculty and staff need to be at this meeting please.

Once training is done, I'd like to discuss and decide how we at SJE will do those drills and then practice at least once after Christmas and again later in the year.

3rd Quarter Chapel Offering

Next quarter we are donating our chapel offerings to Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM). All Lutheran schools in Ft Wayne are participating in this joint offering. In conjunction with that, there are virtual field trips that will make great classroom level connections for the kids. The link to those can be found here.

This year's trip is to Peru and that is where the money will go. There will also be a week's worth of print and video resources available, making it perfect for Lutheran School Week. We can talk about it more later. I want to get this to you earlier so some planning can be done in advance of that. It is our intent to focus on this more during Lutheran Schools Week.

TLSP Challenge Cup

The schools in TLSP are invited to join the 2019 TLSP Cup Challenge. This year, schools will be invited to submit their average number of service hours performed per student during the month of January 2019 to compete for the TLSP Challenge Cup. Let’s show our Lutheran spirit by serving others!


  • Service hours must be performed during the month of January 2019.

  • Service hours must be performed at school or as a school. For simplicity of tracking, service completed by students outside of school will not be counted toward this project.

  • Hours should be tracked to the nearest ½ hour.

  • The total number of hours completed by the school must be divided by the total number of students in the school to get a per student average.

  • The school with the highest per student average of service hours will win the TLSP Challenge Cup traveling trophy and an all school ice cream party.

  • Totals must be submitted to Alicia Levitt at TLSP by Feb. 8, and the winning school will be announced at the TLSP Winter Professional Development on February 15, 2019.

Schools are encouraged to have a champion for this project who will track service hours for the school. A sample tracking form for teachers may be found here.

Interested in doing a project that requires some funding? Check out these resources:

  • Thrivent Action Teams: Thrivent members are eligible for 2-$250 Action Teams/year.

  • GenerationOn: Register at GenerationOn to be eligible for their $250 mini-grants. They have a link to other grants, as well.

Ideas and lesson plans for service learning projects are available here:

TLSP Open House and ECE Open House

This year we will be participating in the TLSP Open House set for January 27th. I hope to have the FACTS application page for 19-20 ready to go by then. We will also be doing an ECE Open House in the spring with a date to be determined by Soest faculty. The sooner I get that date, the sooner I'll advertise that open house as well.

Folks it is key that we do all we can to get behind these events and support them. At a minimum, we need to maintain current enrollment numbers and at best we need to grow. If not, cuts will need to happen. We are at the break even point with enrollment and needed faculty and staff. Please do all you can to help.

Have a great Christmas Break!!

ILEARN required TA test-Deadline Jan. 4th

ILEARN/IREAD Required Training is Here Now!

School personnel planning to administer the ILEARN and/or IREAD-3 assessments this year must first complete the required Test Administrator Certification Course. This online training is approximately 30 minutes in length and has been posted to the Indiana Assessment Portal.

Look for the icon that looks like the one on the right. Please let me know when you're done with it so I know all have done it. Deadline to have completed is January 4th.