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Happy Holidays and THANK YOU!

Thank you to our room moms, Khun Apple and Khun Mai for organizing such a wonderful class party. The class loved making snowmen and the snacks were delicious.

Also, Thank you for such a thoughtful present Class! I'm thankful to teach such an energetic and caring group of kids this year.

Writing: Travel Journals

Our Class will be writing persuasive reviews when we return from Winter break. A persuasive review gives readers information about something and then tries to convince them to share a certain viewpoint. Our class will write reviews about the following things after Winter break:

hotels, restaurants, books, movies, video games, iPhone/iPad apps

We know that you will be enjoying some of these things during your holiday. Students do not have to write a review, but we would like them to record their thinking about some of these things. Use a bulleted list to jot down some of your thinking. Ask your parents to take pictures of things you think are important. Please look at the examples before you jot down your notes.

Parents, please take photos and email them to Mr. Hagen or print them and send them to school with your child after the break. These journals came home in your child's backpack on Friday. Don't forget to have your child bring it along to wherever you may go.

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We have started a new unit of study in reading, Series Book Clubs. There will be 2 main things we will focus on during this unit of study.

1. We will improve our communication with others about the books we read. How can you make a conversation about literature longer and stronger? What can you talk about when you are reading the same series.

2. Series books: For most of our readers, this is the perfect time for reading a series. Series allow students to read more challenging texts because they will be familiar with characters and patterns in the books. Students should read series books in and out of school.


Our class shared our use of subtraction strategies Wednesday via Seesaw. Compare your child's strategy use to the chart below. They did a similar activity on November 11th. Have they used the same strategy? Have they progressed to a more advanced strategy? Does he/she seem to consistently use the same one? By the end of the year, Second Graders should be able to flexibly use a variety of strategies to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers.
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Social Studies: Communities

Our class had an excellent field trip on Wednesday to the Prasert Islam School and Mosque. For many of us, it was our first time in a Mosque and also in a local school. This trip will provide students with a strong context and foundation for our upcoming service learning project where we will raise money for this school's library. This wraps up our study of community. We will start science again after winter break.

Photo Sharing During Winter Break

Please take a few minutes to share a picture of your child during the Winter Break below.

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