Ms. Doggett's Class Newsletter


Great Beginnings

Hello Parents,

As we kick off a new school year, I want to thank everyone for such a great first two weeks! It was so nice meeting everyone at Open House and I appreciate all the warm welcomes I received.

This is the first of several newsletters I will be sending each month. Newsletters will inform you of what we are doing in the classroom and also give any important information or dates you may need. I will be sending a separate newsletter for my Math Classes. If you would rather have a paper copy, please let me know!

I'm looking forward to a fabulous 5th grade year!

Ms. Doggett

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We began this year with a quick review of weather tools. Students identified weather tools, their purpose, and even took a weather walk! We began watching a daily weather forecast and observing the weather. I encourage students to have "weather talks" at home and discuss what they're observing!

This past week we started our genetics unit. Students learned where they get their unique traits from, and the difference between an inherited trait verses an acquired trait. They even conducted an inventory of the traits students in our classroom share! We will continue this unit through the next week, after we will start studying ecosystems.