The American System

Destanee Hunsucker

Purpose of the American System?

This was a plan created to build and bring the nation together. It was the governments attempt to invigorate the national economy.



  • interest of a certain nation-state is the main focus
  • belief that people who have the same language, history and culture should be an independent nation
  • No foreign domination

  • Loyalty to interest of someones own region or section of the country
  • Not looking at the country as a whole
  • Separatism


The main key components of the American System was :

  1. The support for a high tariff to protect American industries and generate revenue for the federal government.
  2. To maintain the high public land prices to generate federal revenue .
  3. The preservation of the Bank of the United States to stabilize the currency and rein in risky state and local banks.
  4. The development of a system of internal improvements, such as roads and canals, which would knit the nation together and be financed by the tariff and land sales revenue.


Henry Clay was the senator of Kentucky, creator of the American System, and also the leader of the Whig Party. He was a five time unsuccessful presidential candidate. He also served as the Secretary of State under John Quincy Adams where he is known to be the most influential and the longest to serve than anybody else. His personal magnetism made him one of the best loved politicians. He was a nationalist who was devoted to the development of the economy and the integration of the United States. When he was Speaker of the House in 1812 he was always considered one of the War Hawks, who were people who believed that war with Great Britain was necessary to preserve the overseas markets if American staple producers. He has many more sides and positions he's held. He was a very contributing man during the 1800's.
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