Parents vs. The Common Core

Be a part of the change!

Leadership Theme: A Professional Learning Community (PLC)

PLC's are an excellent place to start for teachers to be a part of a leadership role. Teachers and administrators in PLC's work together to create a learning environment that is beneficial for everyone. Students will benefit from the collaboration of teaching staff and administrators. The use of a PLC is an excellent way for teachers to help each other, observe each other, and work together to make changes and adaptations that provide students with an appropriate education. According to Buczynski and Hansen, this strategy is helpful for student learning, they state, "Teachers engaged in a collective effort to achieve a clear, commonly shared purpose for student learning" (p. 6).

This theme is present in my action research plan because my plan includes working with colleagues to create a plan that is changed and more effective than the original modules that were created by lawmakers in New York State.

Leadership Theme: Creating a Shared Vision

Sharing a vision with members of the community, school and district is extremely important. If each person takes ownership of the vision and plays a part in the success of the vision then they will work harder to help it become successful. As stated by Buczynski and Hansen, "When all in a group (school, department, teacher team) feel they are moving in the same direction and, more important, when they feel they have had the opportunity to add their voice to the vision of the organization, the change is owned by the group and is more likely to succeed" (p. 12).

This theme is present in my action research plan because the colleagues that teacher ELA alongside me share the same plan and vision that I do. The idea for this research plan stemmed from what I am currently teaching and how frustration with the modules can lead to making a new plan that is more effective and beneficial for everyone involved.

Leadership Theme: Collaboration

Leaders of change must be open to collaboration. Collaboration can be highly effective and extremely beneficial for all involved. If colleagues work well with each other and collaborate for student improvement, instruction can only get better.

Collaboration is imperative with my study to improve the modules that are taught based on the Common Core State Standards in the district I teach for. If teachers are not collaborating during and after the study, implementation of newly improved learning will not be effective and will not improve student knowledge and understanding of topics. Collaboration builds a community and a community of teachers can collaboratively be highly effective.


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