Gingko Newsletter

Week of November 9, 2015

12 PM Dismissal on 11/19 & 11/20 for Parent Conferences!

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Hello Gingko Families!

This week we...

Began our final project for our "Emergent Storybooks” reading unit. We thought about our favorite books and chose a role. We thought out the settings of our books, and made backgrounds for our movies. We even started filming! Check out our trailer and our reaction to seeing the trailer above!

Worked with Studio Sara to finish our self portrait collages. We used mirrors to look closely at our eyes, noses, and mouths before adding these features to our portraits.

Found many Gingko leaves! We noticed Gingko leaves have changed from green to yellow. We love collecting our class leaf!

Wrote stories in Writer's Workshop about going shopping. We realized we can shop for lots of things; clothes, toys, groceries, and even art supplies. We continued working hard to label all of the people in our stories.

Chose to make our own books during Exploration! Some of us made our own versions of our favorite "star books." We used the actual books for reference and worked hard to include many details in our pictures. Others made more counting books.

Opened up a restaurant during Exploration! We set up hollow blocks to become tables and chairs. We took orders over the phone, wrote them down, and worked together to prepare and pack up food.

Played and sang in the rain

Celebrated Eleanor’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Eleanor!!

Read a book about Marissa and Rosie going to Trader Joe’s.

Learned a new greeting in morning meeting, we act like cars and drive over to a friend before greeting them with a "beep, beep" and "good morning."

Sang Down by the Bay and practiced our lunch song

Changed the way we play in the block area. Rather than cleaning up at the end of exploration, we left our structures up for a few days, adding to them each day. Our structures are becoming more detailed and we really enjoyed planning and working together.

Read books with some grown ups during Reading Workshop!

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A Few Reminders....

Wednesday, November 18th
6:30-8:00: FSC Family Workshop: Parenting Support and Strategies

Thursday, November 19th
Family Conferences 11:50-12:00

Friday, November 20th
Family Conferences: Pick-up is 11:50-12:00

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled conference to review your child's fall report!

November 24th, 3:00pm
Emergent Storybook Celebration
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Some Conversation Starters for This Week...

What role will you play in the Gingko Movie? What is your favorite part about making a movie with your class?

Can you teach me the lunch song?

What did you do in Fort Greene Park this week?

Continue playing "Grab and Count" with your child!

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A Reminder About Outdoor Clothing...

Please be sure to send your child to school with outdoor clothes that will keep them warm and dry, as we go outside most days. Also, please take a minute to check your child’s extra clothes stash, to make sure that if they get wet outside or have a spill, they have weather-appropriate clothing to change into.
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We hope you're enjoying your weekend!


Marissa and Rosie