Understanding Keratoconus Treatment

Understanding Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus is an eye disorder where the cornea begins to bulge and take the shape of a cone. This cone shape interferes with the light rays that enter the eyes thus causing distorted vision. Keratoconus could occur in either one or both the eyes. This condition begins during a person’s teenage or in the early twenty’s. Due to the uneven shape of the cornea, a person can also suffer from myopia and astigmatism which increases the problems in the eyes.

One of the most common ways to identify you are suffering from Keratoconus is the fact that your eyeglasses which change every time you visit your eye doctor.

There are a number of reasons as to why Keratoconus occurs. One of the main reasons is due to an imbalance of the enzymes within the cornea of the eyes. This imbalance makes the cornea weak and this causes damage resulting in the cornea bulging forward.

It could also be caused due to overexposure to UV rays, excessive eye rubbing and poorly fitted contact lenses. Chronic eye infections can also lead to Keratoconus.

When Keratoconus is mild, an eye doctor can recommend glasses or soft contact lenses. It is essential to choose lenses that are soft since the cornea is not shaped correctly. A hard contact lens will create irritation to the eyes and the condition will worsen. You need to keep in mind that although these glasses or contact lenses will help improve the vision of your eyes, it is not a permanent cure. The Keratoconus is still present and will slowly get worse with time. Apart from the right contact lenses or glasses, you also need to ensure the doctor prescribes the right medication for your eyes.

There are a number of contact lens types that are specifically designed and created for Keratoconus based on your condition. A good eye doctor will help you choose the right kind of lenses which will help improve your vision. If you’re choosing contact lenses for your Keratoconus problem, ensure you get your eyes checked at regular intervals.

Another way to treat this condition is to opt in for conductive keratoplasty. This is a surgery which helps smoothen the surface of the cornea and take of the irregularities that make it difficult to focus on objects. There are a few other surgeries including laser surgeries that one can opt in for these days in order to treat Keratoconus.

As an individual you need to first understand the intensity of your condition and opt in for a Keratoconus Treatment method which is best suited for you. There are a number of eye clinics across the country offering various eye treatment services, however choosing one that is trustworthy and works for you is in your hands. Always go in for doctors who are experienced in your condition and understand patients like you. Ask them for suggestions about the best possible treatment methods and only then make your choice. Remember eyes are delicate, so take your time to make the right treatment choice.