By: Jayme K.


Librarians work in many different settings or places not only just the library but also work in places such as museums, educational institutions, corporations, government agencies, and many more. Librarians general job is to organize, classifying, helping people, filter information, editing, analyzing, are the basics in being a librarian.

Careers within the Occupational Area

Being a librarian is not only just working at a library, there are many other jobs that are considered as a librarian such as:

  • Catalog Librarian
  • Children's Librarian
  • Librarian
  • Library Director
  • Library Media Specialist
  • Medical Librarian
  • Public Services Librarian
  • Reference Librarian
  • Serials Librarian
  • Technical Services Librarian


There are many things a librarian is mainly responsible for which are many things. First off, a librarian has to be able to assist and help people locate the information that they are looking for. Another thing a librarian is mainly responsible for is that they are able to research and be able to utilize technology very well. Also, a librarian should be responsible for answering and helping the patrons with their questions. One of the main last things that a librarian is responsible for is to educate or suggest people with the main information and library instruction.

Education Required

  • Master's Degree
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Associates Degree


  • Find Training Certificate
  • Find Liscences

Range of Salaries

  • Median Wages: $27.01 hourly, $56,170 annual

Job Outlook

  • It is 2% slower than the average.