Leonardo Da Vinci And His Knowledge

by Antoni.b

How did Leonardo da vinci become a genius?

Leonardo da vinci was born, raised and educated in florence. Florence at this time was known as a place for artists and many artists lived there therefore, it was easier to find a talented tutor. Leonardo's father payed a lot of money to famous artists to tutor Leonardo. He began to learn art in around 1464.

who Made Leonardo such a genius?

Leonardo's father founded most of his education thus helping with his knowledge.It is clear that leonardo's father played an important role in L.D.V's education. His father was known in the artistic world and had a friend ,Andrea Del Verrocchio, Who helped educate the young Leonardo. No art by Leonardo has been found before that time.

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what did Leonardo do to help his education?

Leonardo was and is known to for his exploration of all subjects, from math to science and more. This is probably why he learned so quickly. If people understand many subjects it is easier for them to focus on one.

why did Leonardo focus on so Many subjects?

Leonardo da vinci claims that a man should be educated and aware of all the subjects that surround us. He also had a passion to discover new things which without his education it would have been hard for him to do so.
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How did leonardo use His knowledge?

Wisely of course. Most of the things we know and have today are linked to him and his discoveries. He used it to help OUR knowledge and the way we think today. He used his knowledge and expanded it, hopefully, just like us;)



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