The Fault in Our Stars

By: John Green

#1 new york times bestseller

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Join Hazels incredible journey that everyone has loved

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"... The Fault in Our Stars is a love story, one of the most genuine and moving ones in recent American fiction, but its also an existential tragedy of tremendous intelligence and courage and sadness." -Time Magazine

Coming Of Age

"The Fault in our Star" is a good fit for the coming of age genre because the main character is first introduced as a girl with no motivations in life until, she swims in the waters of friendship. It's directly shown by the interactions if the main characters (Hazel and Augustus) that they already have a sense of maturity. For example, "a college girl (...) that explains the aura of sophistication".(Green26) In addition while having this bit of maturity the reader can understand how the characters "come of age" towards the end of the novel.

"You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful."(Green260)


While already battling about three or so years of cancer, Hazel Grace is a 17-year-old girl with no motives. She is a college graduate that attends support group every Wednesdays, one Wednesday she happens to come across Augustus, who which also battled cancer. Augustus is presented by Hazels friend named Issac who also happends to have cancer in his eyes therefore, making him blind. They eventually build a good and strong relationship, also Hazel Grace is a big fan attic of her favorite author Peter Van Houten. Hazel and Augustus eventually both go to Amsterdam to try and visit Hazels idol. Then in Amsterdam they both announced their love towards each other. While both still fighting cancer, will it affect their relationship? Finally, it's it's hard to know that love so strong can vanish or last forever.