Knight Notes

April 13, 2015

Happy Monday!

Good morning--

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I know I did. It was great to have a slight reprieve from all of the rain and to be able to get outside. Last week was very busy, and this week bodes to provide more of the same. This is certainly a very exciting time of the year.

Last week, I had the opportunity to observe some wonderful instructional strategies like summarizing and feedback. I also took in a few athletic events (one was an eleven inning thriller on the baseball diamond), and I saw the school musical, Anything Goes. Our staff members and students were absolutely phenomenal (Great job, Ms. Sulzner, Ms. Meyer, Ms. Smith, Mr. Ahlmeyer, Ms. Walseth, and Mr. Aubochon ) In addition, two of our students, Jake Chiarelli and Sam Skaggs, provided PD for over sixty staff members. It was a very busy and enjoyable week.

This week will not be any different. We have numerous sporting events. State testing kicks into gear. We also have the 4.0 luncheon, the first annual Academic Signing Day, and numerous other events. With all of this on the horizon, I am confident that no one will be bored:).

As always, thanks for all that you do to help our students be successful. Enjoy your week!



  • Hackmann ECC, Henderson, and FHN hosted a 5K and 1 mile run on Saturday. Congrats to those who ran. We had many members of the FHN community compete.
  • FHN students, Jake Chiarelli and Sam Skaggs, led Friday's Lunch and Learn. They were awesome.
  • FHN Theatre presented Cole Porter's Anything Goes. It was wonderful and was well-attended. Many faculty members attended.
  • On Friday evening, April 24th, Audrianna Bartholomew will be participating in the finals of the 2015 St. Louis Teen Talent Competition sponsored by the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation.


Anelise Mossinghoff—Spanish 1 & 2:

1. My husband, Chris, and I will be married for 26 years next week (We knew each other for 7 years—dating for 5 of those years—prior to getting married.) We met in “The Young Catholic Musicians” right before my senior year in high school—I was a singer, he was a guitar player.

2. We have 5 children: Tom (24 years old next week), Melissa (21 years old), Stephanie (19 years old) and Ben and Matt (identical twin boys—14 years old). They are our greatest joy and we are so proud of them!

3. I was born in Brazil and moved to the USA when I was 1 year old (1 month before I turned 2) and grew up in south St. Louis county with 7 siblings. I graduated from Lindbergh High School in 1983, attended Mizzou for a couple of years (while studying Marriage and Family therapy), but switched schools and majors and graduated from St. Louis University with a degree in French and a degree in Secondary Education (in 1987).

4. While I was at SLU, I studied abroad at the Université d’ Orléans and lived with a French family in Orléans, France for a semester and then traveled around France, Belgium, and Holland for a month with my younger sister.

5. This is my 22nd year of teaching. I taught French in the Mehlville school district for 10 years (3 years at the high school and 7 at the middle school), and then taught an exploratory French/Spanish/German class in the middle school for 3 years. (I had a 6 year break after my twins were born.) This is my 9th year teaching Spanish at FHN.

6. There are so many things that I like to do, but my passions include cooking, singing, reading, playing “mind-challenging” games, and speaking with and getting to know people from around the world—I speak English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese (and understand Italian).

I nominate Dave Fritz.



EOC testing will take place 4/13-4/28. Here is a link to the bell schedule and lunch schedule:


The ACT will be Tuesday, April 28th. All Juniors will take the ACT on the second floor with their homeroom teachers. All other students will have classes as usual. Teachers who are normally on the second floor will travel to open classrooms throughout the building. After much discussion with various staff (PLOT and DCs), it was determined that this would provide the best testing environment for our students.


App of the Week

Thinglink: It is used for making interactive images and videos. You can place pins in pictures that contain videos, webpages, other photos, or short paragraphs. Click on the link below for an example that shows where all 2nd floor rooms will be relocated on 4/28. Please feel free to share with your students:

Technology Share

  • The following link provides tech updates:

Maintenance Update

The district installed blue lights in the cafeteria, and these lights will be installed in other areas throughout the district where there is often a high concentration of noise. These lights will blink when an announcement is made so that students can be alerted and can focus in on what is being communicated. These lights are new, and we will be developing a communication for students so they know what the lights mean as well.


Monday, April 13th, 6pm

Main Office

Academic Signing Day

Tuesday, April 14th, 12:30-2:30pm

Learning Commons

Thirty students will sign for academic scholarships.

College Night

Tuesday, April 14th, 6:30pm

Auditorium and Gymnasium

4.0 Luncheon

Sunday, April 12th, 9pm

1 Dye Club Drive

St. Peters, MO

Seniors from FHN, FHC, and FH, with 4.0 cumulative GPA or above, will be recognized at a luncheon at Old Hickory.